Farmers wield a hoe, like most of the Mod's farming NPCs, which they also use to defend themselves when attacked. They can be found in all types of settlements.

They sell their produce (mainly food and milk) and buy what they need for their business like hoes, bonemeal and buckets. You need positive or neutral Rhúdel alignment to trade with them.


Besides trading, the farmer also allows you to hire farmhands. The player must have at least +50 Rhúdel alignment. Farmhands cost 40 silver coins, but the cost decreases as the player gains alignment.

Upon hiring a farmhand from a Easterling farmer, the player earns the achievement "Fields of Rhúnaer".

Items SoldEdit

Items Sold Price Range Image
Wheat 2-3 (2coinI to 3coinI) Wheat
Seeds 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) Seeds
Carrot 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Carrot
Potato 2-3 (2coinI to 3coinI) Potato
Lettuce 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Lettuce
Leek 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Leek
Turnip 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Turnip
Corn 2-3 (2coinI to 3coinI) Corn
Corn Stalk 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) Corn Stalk
Red Grapes 3-5 (3coinI to 5coinI) GrapeRed
Green Grapes 3-5 (3coinI to 5coinI) GrapeGreen
Pomegranate 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Pomegranate
White Wool 2-3 (2coinI to 3coinI) Wool
Milk Bucket 6-10 (6coinI to 1coinX) MilkBucket
Lead 6-10 (6coinI to 1coinX) Lead
Hay Bale 9-15 (9coinI to 1coinX5coinI) Hay Bale

Items BoughtEdit

Items Bought Price Range Image
Bucket 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Bucket
Water Bucket 3-5 (3coinI to 5coinI) Water Bucket
Iron Hoe 6-10 (6coinI to 1coinX) Iron hoe
Stone Hoe 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) HoeStone
Bronze Hoe 5-8 (5coinI to 8coinI) HoeBronze
Bone Meal (x6) 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) Bone Meal



  • Hello, Person! Have you come to buy my crops?
  • I offer you the best crops in all of the East!
  • These lands around the Sea have no equal when it comes to farming.
  • All these lands around the Sea are good for farming.
  • My farmhands are the hardest-working in all the land!
  • The people on my farm work very hard, Person. You can hire them, for a price.
  • I have been working hard to fulfill the orders of our lords.
  • Our lords in the City of the Throne are asking that we produce more crops than ever before.
  • We farmers are having to work hard, Person. We have armies to feed!
  • I offer my crops at a fair price.
  • Have you anything to sell, Person?
  • If you have any farming equipment, I shall give you a fair price.
  • I have men and women ready to be put to work on your farm, Person.
  • The air in this land is good for farming.
  • The soil of this country is fine for growing crops.
  • Hello, Person! What is it you seek to buy? Or sell, perhaps?
  • Good day to you, my friend.
  • Good day, my friend. Do you come seeking crops?


  • Villains like you have no place among us!
  • You are an enemy of our people, and a friend to Gondor!
  • I will drive you out with my own hoe!
  • You are no friend to us, Person.
  • You should flee these lands.
  • I shall do no business with you!
  • We do not welcome rats like you!
  • Get away from me, Person!
  • You are a friend to Gondor! Begone!
  • Guards! Guards! This one tried to steal my crops!
  • Thief! Enemy! Off with you, Person.
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