Easterling warlords are the captains of the forces of Rhúdel. They can be recognized by their distinctive horned helmet, as well as the coin in their hand.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

Like all hiring chieftains, the Easterling warlord will ignore any player, regardless of alignment, until attacked, at which he will defend himself with the weapon he is wielding. If a warlord is hurt in combat, he will heal himself quickly as soon as he's done fighting.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Easterling warlords will spawn in fortresses, and like all structure-bound traders, will respawn if slain.

Hiring[edit | edit source]

At an alignment of +150 with Rhúdel, you can start to hire troops from the warlord. The prices are as follows:

Unit Unpledged Cost (Silver Coins) Pledged Cost (Silver Coins) Alignment Required (Rhúdel) Requires Pledge (Rhúdel)
Easterling Clansman 20-40 ( 20  to  40 ) 10-20 ( 10  to  20 ) +150 No
Easterling Warrior 30-60 ( 30  to  60 ) 10-20 ( 10  to  20 ) +200 No
Easterling Archer 50-100 ( 50  to  100 ) 25-50 ( 25  25  to  50 ) +250 No
Golden Easterling N/A 25-50 ( 25  25  to  50 ) +350 Yes
Easterling Cavalry 50-100 ( 50  to  100 ) 25-50 ( 25  25  to  50 ) +300 No
Eastering Archer Cavalry 70-140 ( 70  to  140  140 ) 35-70 ( 35  35  to  70 ) +350 No
Golden Easterling Cavalry N/A 35-70 ( 35  35  to  70 ) +450 Yes
Easterling Fire-thrower 60-120 ( 60  to  120  120 ) 30-60 ( 30  to  60 ) +300 No
Easterling Banner-Bearer 50-100 ( 50  to  100 ) 25-50 ( 25  25  to  50 ) +350 No

Drops[edit | edit source]

Easterling warlords usually drop bones, but may also drop their equipment, be it their weapon, or a piece of their armour.

Speechbank[edit | edit source]


  • My men are here, Person, to serve you - and the great Eye.
  • Make no mistake Person - my men are the best warriors west of the Red Mountains.
  • I have led my men many times into the West. Now, Person, you may command them.
  • I suppose I could spare you a few of my men, my friend. For the right price, of course.
  • Our lords are pleased with your service. You may hire my men, if you wish.
  • Truly, Person, you are a ruthless warrior. Just so, to make Gondor bleed!
  • I have heard much of your deeds, and your strength in battle. You may command my warriors.
  • A fine warrior like yourself would be well suited to lead a raid against Gondor.
  • Lord Sauron bids us prepare for war.
  • Lord Sauron is grateful for your deeds, Person. I will let you command my men.
  • Are you ready? The great Eye will have us march West, Person, very soon indeed.


  • Who do you think you are, to command my men into battle? You are no one, Person!
  • Oh, Person? I have heard nothing of that name. I can only allow Men of strength and honour to command my warriors.
  • You truly believe that you could lead my men into battle? You must be drunk, Person. Hah!
  • I have seen many of my brothers die on the field. But you, Person - you have seen nothing of battle.
  • It does not matter how much coin you have, Person. My men will not follow you!
  • My men would never follow you, Person, no more than they would follow the Steward of the White City!
  • You should prove your worth, Person, before you dare speak to me like that again.
  • You are not truly one of us, Person. Not yet.
  • You do not have what it takes to command our golden warriors. Begone, Person.


  • Look! Another wretch, to be slaughtered like a sheep!
  • The great Eye is with us, Person. You will never prevail!
  • Your time here is over, Person. I will make sure of that!
  • Your time on this earth will end now!
  • Foolish of you, Person, to take up a fight with us!
  • Surrender, Person! You cannot survive our strength.
  • You have chosen the wrong side in this war!
  • You should not have come here!
  • My ancestors are smiling on me, Gondorian. Can you say the same?
  • No more will we suffer under the hands of Westerling filth!
  • The Eye is rising, and your lands will burn!
  • You cannot hope to challenge the power of the East!
  • Flee, Westerling filth!
  • You are a villain out of Gondor!
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