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[...] and the Easterlings were strong and war-hardened and asked for no quarter.

The Return of the King, The Battle of Pelennor Fields

Easterling Warriors are the main fighting force of the faction of Rhúdel. They wear Rhûnic Armour and fight using Rhûnic Equipment.


Easterling warriors are indifferent towards players and NPC's that are allied with their faction. However, upon seeing an enemy player, they will walk towards that entity and attack it.


Easterling Warriors will spawn throughout the lands of Rhúdel. They will only spawn atop grass blocks and will not spawn underground. Sometimes, these warriors will spawn riding a horse, in which case, the horse will not be wearing armour.


To hire these warriors, you will need to have at least 200 alignment with the Rhúdel faction, and 30 silver coins per warrior you want to hire. Of course, higher alignment will mean that your troops will be less expensive.

Advantages Disadvantages
Good attack strength No ranged attack
Average health Rather costly
Can be mounted Rather weak armour.


Easterling Warriors may drop a bone upon death. They will also occasionally drop a piece of their armour or equipment.

Drop Rarity Quantity Image
Bone Common 1 Bone.png
Pouch Uncommon 1 Pouches.gif
Rhûnic Sword Rare 1 Rhûnic Sword.png
Rhûnic Battleaxe Rare 1 Rhûnic Battleaxe.png
Rhûnic Pike Rare 1 Rhûnic Pike.png
Rhûnic Bardiche Rare 1 Rhûnic Bardiche.png
Rhûnic Dagger Rare 1 Rhûnic Dagger.png
Rhûnic Poisoned Dagger Rare 1 Poisoned Rhûnic Dagger.png
Rhûnic Helmet Rare 1 HelmetRhûnic.png
Rhûnic Chestplate Rare 1 BodyRhûnic.png
Rhûnic Leggings Rare 1 LegsRhûnic.png
Rhûnic Boots Rare 1 BootsRhûnic.png



  • Remember, Person, the Men of Gondor are evil. We must destroy them.
  • Every time a Gondorian falls, our ancestors celebrate!
  • Elves do not deserve their long lives, Person. Blind to the world, and yet so arrogant...
  • Our armies will soon meet with our war-kin from the East and the South. Vengeance is near, Person!
  • You should never trust the Dwarves, Person! One ran away with my wife to the Red Mountains!
  • I always liked those wine-merchants. It is a sorry state that we might have to burn down their breweries if they continue to resist the great Eye.
  • Our people have suffered enough at the hands of Gondor. We shall destroy them!
  • Once, many lives ago, the Men of Gondor tried to put all of our people to the sword. But they have grown weak, and we grew strong!
  • Be careful when journeying into the hills, Person. They say wild beasts lurk there.
  • Will you fight with us, Person?
  • I see you share a hatred for the villains in Gondor.
  • Take up your sword and spear, Person and follow us to victory!
  • Make no mistake, Person. Our people may suffer in this war with Gondor - but we will be victorious.
  • Soon comes an end to the wickedness of Gondor.
  • The White City will burn!
  • We march West soon. Be sure you are ready, Person.
  • The Orcs are on the march, Person. We may serve a common cause, but I cannot say I bear them any love.


  • Look! Another wretch, to be slaughtered like a sheep!
  • The great Eye is with us, Person. You will never prevail!
  • Your time here is over, Person. I will make sure of that!
  • Your time on this earth will end now!
  • Foolish of you, Person, to take up a fight with us!
  • Surrender, Person! You cannot survive our strength.
  • You have chosen the wrong side in this war!
  • You should not have come here!
  • My ancestors are smiling on me, Gondorian. Can you say the same?
  • No more will we suffer under the hands of Westerling filth!
  • The Eye is rising, and your lands will burn!
  • You cannot hope to challenge the power of the East!
  • Flee, Westerling filth!
  • You are a villain out of Gondor!


  • I await your orders, Person.
  • I stand with you.
  • My blade is yours, Person.
  • I would follow you into the White City itself!
  • The lands of the West shall burn!
  • For the Golden Empire! For the Great Eye!
  • Please, Person, don't make us march with those dirty Orcs.
  • I have waited long for the day of our vengeance!
  • Gondor is weak, Person. They will not survive our assault!
  • I am ready to fight with you!
  • Our people are stronger, faster, and better armed than those Western brutes.
  • The Men of Gondor are weak.
  • Let us march West, Person!
  • Long have I wished to lay waste to the lands of Gondor.
  • I will do as you wish.
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