Elk are the Wood-Elven equivalent of horses. These animals only spawn naturally in the Woodland Realm and some other northern biomes. They serve as a mount for the Wood-Elves of that area.

The stats of each elk vary in three aspects that may be important to account for if the player wants to choose one as a mount. These aspects are amount of health, maximum jumping height, and speed.

There are currently three textures of elk: dark brown, brown, and white. All elk also have antlers, except for the babies.

Wood-Elven elk cavalry (Wood-Elf warriors mounted on elk) can be hired from a Wood-Elf captain for 35 silver coins (Silver Coin) if the player has +400 alignment with the Woodland Realm faction.


Elk spawn in colder, forested biomes across the north of Middle-Earth. A full list of biomes fit to support elk herds is presented below.

They can be found in small herds of up to 6 animals.

Behaviour Edit

Elk are generally passive creatures, but (as of Public Beta 25) will try to attack the player when attacked, similarly to the Wild Boar.

To recover health, they can be fed red apples (Apples), golden apples (GoldenApple), wheat (Wheat), hay bales (Hay Bale, bread (Bread), golden carrots (GoldenCarrot), and sugar (Sugar), the latter of which will also make them grow.

Elk now have passive sounds added in Public Beta 27.

Taming Edit

Elk can be tamed just like horses; the player needs to keep mounting them until hearts come out, signifying that it likes the player. This process can be sped up if the player feeds it food beforehand (the more food, the shorter it will take).

After it is tamed, all the player needs to do is to place a saddle (Saddle) on it so the player can control the elk's movement. The player may also choose to equip the elk with Wood-Elven elk armour (Wood-elven Elk Armour). Just like any other animal, elk can be leashed and tied to fences.

Breeding Edit

Elk love - Woodland-Realm B28

Just gain their trust to rouse their ...

Elk can only be encouraged to mate after they have been tamed. Feeding wheat (Wheat) to a couple of tamed elk will do the trick to get them love each other long time. The power of love is so great in them that a baby elk is born in the blink of an eye.



A variety of elk.

Elk will drop one to two pieces of leather (Leather) when killed. As of Public Beta 27, they will also drop venison (Venison).

Trivia Edit

The Elk-sedge is mostly to be found in a marsh;
it grows in the water and makes a ghastly wound,
covering with blood every warrior who touches it.

Old English rune poem

North: ElkHorse (Shire Pony) • Wild Boar
Evil: Mirkwood SpiderMordor SpiderWarg
Harad: CamelGiraffeRhinoZebra
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