It was the third evening since they had fled from the Company, as far as they could tell: they had almost lost count of the hours during which they had climbed and laboured among the barren slopes and stones of the Emyn Muil, sometimes retracing their steps because they could find no way forward, sometimes discovering that they had wandered in a circle back to where they had been hours before.

–-Narrative of Frodo and Sam at the beginning of Book 4 in the Two Towers

The Emyn Muil (Sindarin for The Dreary Hills) biome is a barren, rocky, desolate place devoid of life. The sky is a dusty, depressing grey. This land once belonged to Gondor, but was forsaken when the power of Mordor grew and the fields of Calenardhon (now Rohan) were given to the Rohirrim. Great boulders rise like cathedral spires on the forsaken skyline. At night the area is crawling with Orcs of Mordor, making it an unsafe place for good players -- and even more so when Mordor decides to invade the place. And when you're busy watching out for Orcs, a Bandit is likely to come along and steal items from your inventory.

The Emyn Muil is an excellent location for a player base, as the jagged blocks that make up the biome can easily conceal a secret door. Players be warned, however: Bandits are more common here than anywhere else in Middle-Earth.

Upon entering Emyn Muil you gain the achievement "A Nasty Drop".

Variants Edit

There are no biome variants in the Emyn Muil.

Structures Edit

There are no exclusive structures here.

Mobs Edit

Bandits are very common here. Orcs of Mordor also spawn here.

Mining Edit

The Emyn Muil contain all the normal Middle-Earth ores, but hardened clay spawns in patches above and below ground. This makes the Emyn Muil a good place to go to if you're planning to make a lot clay tiles for decoration.

Vegetation Edit

For the most part, the Emyn Muil are desolate, rocky hills, but there are small patches of green-brown grass in lower vales throughout the land. Sometimes, one can even find a oak tree growing among the rocks in this desolate place. Flowers do grow, albeit rarely, likely blotted out by the dusty grey sky and nutrient-poor scree soils.

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