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The effect of the draught began at the toes, and rose steadily through every limb, bringing refreshment and vigour as it coursed upwards, right to the tips of the hair.

The Two Towers, Treebeard

Ent-draughts are the rejuvenating drinks of Fangorn forest, and they come in seven colours and tastes. The various types of Ent-draughts and their magical effects are listed below.

Note: Ent-draught will inflict a poison effect (duration of 0:05) on those who try to drink it with a negative Fangorn alignment.

Upon drinking an Ent-draught, the player earns the achievement "Invigoration"

Bowls of Ent-draught with Ent jars in the background.


Ent-draughts can be found exclusively in Fangorn forest in Ent jars. They cannot be drunk from the jars themselves, but right-clicking the jars with a wooden bowl will fill the bowl with the Ent-draught from the jar. A completely filled Ent jar will fill six wooden bowls.

The jars that contain Ent-draughts fill up with water during rain (which happens in all biomes where rain falls) or can be filled using a mug or bucket of water.

There is a process to create Ent-draughts yourself, although you have to be in the Fangorn biome to do it. First, you need an Ent-jar with water in it. Then, you right-click the filled Ent-jar with one of the special plants that can be found in Fangorn forest.

List of plants, their corresponding draughts, and their effects[]

All seven Ent-draughts and their corresponding plants in the order below.

  • Fangorn's Beard: brown Ent-draught (fills entire hunger bar)
  • Tears of Yavanna: green Ent-draught (gives speed, haste, and strength for 2:00)
  • Elfsong: yellow Ent-draught (gives regeneration for 1:00)
  • Sunfruit: red Ent-draught (gives fire resistance for 3:00)
  • Moonflower: silver Ent-draught (gives night vision for 3:00)
  • Riverweed: blue Ent-draught (gives water breathing for 2:30)
  • Huorn Leaf: golden Ent-draught (has no effect, but can be used on a sapling to create a hired Huorn if a player's Fangorn alignment is +500 or higher)

Note that the effects are not stackable. When drinking another beverage while one is already in effect (the same or another one), it merely resets the various effects to the largest duration between the remaining ones already active and the new ones. For example:

  • 1st you drink a weak athelas brew; you get strength for 30 sec and regeneration for 15 sec.
  • 5 seconds later, you drink moderate orc draught; regeneration remains at 10 sec, while strength increase to 1 min and you also get speed to 1 min.
  • 30 sec later, you drink potent miruvor; strength and speed effects both increase to 2 min.
  • In all that, the regeneration, strength and speed bonuses don't change.