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[Treebeard] went to the back of the bay, and then they saw that several tall stone jars stood there, with heavy lids. He removed one of the lids, and dipped in a great ladle, and with it filled three bowls, one very large bowl, and two smaller ones.

The Two Towers, Treebeard

Ent Jars are special blocks that are used for making Ent-draughts, the revitalizing drinks of the Tree-herds.


Ent jars can be found spawning randomly and exclusively in the Fangorn forest, making them almost impossible for evil players to find unless they are incredibly well equipped.

Evil-aligned players beware: If you do not have a positive alignment with the Fangorn faction, then the Ent-draught will instead give you the Poison effect for a few seconds when consumed.


The Ent-draught can be collected by right-clicking the jars with a Vanilla bowl. Since the various Ent-draughts are quite useful, it is advisable for good-aligned players to take the time to find some of these jars; the pay-off is high.

Jars can be filled with water using a bucket or other vessel, and they also slowly fill when it is raining. Once the jar is filled, the different draughts can then be brewed by right clicking on the jar with various plants and flowers that grow exclusively in Fangorn forest.

You can only brew the draught in Fangorn forest.


  • Public Beta 10 added Ent jars, found randomly in Fangorn (sometimes with green or brown Ent-draught inside), that would fill with draught in the rain (only in Fangorn).
  • Public Beta 19 changed jars so that rain filled them with water in any biome, jars could also be filled from water containers, and Fangorn plants added to a jar of water turned it into draught. It also made it so that players could no longer drink straight from the jars and added more draught types. It also made them poisonous to enemies of Fangorn.
  • Public Beta 21 added particle effects for jars containing brewed draughts, and fixed water appearing white inside them.
  • Public Beta 29 made draughts only brew-able in Fangorn.
  • Update 35.4 fixed jars not filling up in the rain.