An Entity is a term used to encompass all non-basic block or non-item objects in Middle Earth.

General propertiesEdit

All entities have these properties:

  • A position, velocity, and rotation (as according to ordinary Newtonian physics).
  • A specific volume they occupy, which is a 3-dimensional box with a fixed height and width (square when viewed from the top, and not rotating).
  • Current health.
  • Whether they are on fire. Fire reduces health gradually and displays flames covering the entity.
  • Effects, caused mainly by splash potions.

Most entities can be pushed around by water currents.

Entities cannot pass through solid blocks. Most types of entities prevent blocks from being placed in the space they occupy, except for resources (dropped items) and experience orbs, which are automatically pushed out of the block to open air. Also, if an entity does overlap a block, (due to falling sand or a door being swung), then it is free to move out of the solid block but not back in. (For example, if a door is closed on you, you can jump up and stand on top of the bottom half-door block, if there is air above the door.)

Entities are lit according to the light level of the block their position is in. For example, if a minecart runs over a non-straight track directly into a solid block, it will turn black (since solid blocks always have a light level of 0); arrows are also sometimes seen to turn black (especially if fired shallowly into the ceiling).

Server lag can cause any and all entities to become invisible and the player cannot interact with them. However, invisible banners still protect land (though the boundary lines will be invisible) and if you can guess where an invisible NPC is, you can shoot him with an arrow.

List of entitiesEdit

Vanilla entitiesEdit

Many of the entities found in vanilla exist in Middle-Earth. For a list of them see here, and the list of mobs.

Middle-Earth entitiesEdit

The following types of entities are added by the Lord of the Rings Mod:

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