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This feature is present in: Legacy only.

A rather powerful Gondorian Sword, with the Lasting, Long, and Legendary modifiers

The dwarves of yore made mighty spells,
While hammers fell like ringing bells
In places deep, where dark things sleep,
In hollow halls beneath the fells.

–Thorin and Co., The Hobbit

Since Public Beta 33, almost all weapons, tools, and armour in Middle-Earth will feature some sort of modifier upon crafting. These may be beneficial, or they may be harmful. Note that you will still get modifiers even when summoning items from the creative menu.

There are a total of 55 different modifiers and 22 different types of modifiers.

Obtaining Modifiers[]


Modifiers are automatically applied to applicable items when they're crafted, or when they're generated in the world. If the modifiers on something aren't suitable, it's always possible to reforge that piece of equipment using an anvil to get better modifiers, for the material cost involved in forging the item in the first place. If you don't like spending materials on reforging, it's possible to go to a trader and have the equipment reforged for you, though it'll cost you some cash. In fact, it is rumoured that the most powerful modifiers can only be obtained from traders...

Be careful! When combining item modifiers, positive and negative modifiers will end up offsetting one another! There is a maximum of three modifiers on any given item - with the exception of some 'special' modifiers such as the banes and Utumno modifiers, which do not count towards the three-modifier limit.

There are several modifiers which cannot be obtained by reforging.

  • All banes except wraith - Kill 100 - 250 elves/dwarves/orcs/trolls/wargs/spiders/wights (melee weapons only). The exact number of kills needed is determined randomly.
  • Wraithbane - Obtained only from ancient items
  • Infernal - Combine a Flame of Udûn with your weapon on an anvil.
  • Chilling - Combine a Chill of Daedelos with your weapon on an anvil.
  • Headhunting - Combine a Headhunter's Trophy with your weapon on an anvil. (Can only be used on weapons without "bane" modifiers)
  • True - Combine a Book of True-silver with any piece of Mithril Armour.

As of Update 34, modifiers can also be obtained by combining equipment with smith's scrolls in an anvil. These are the mod’s equivalent of vanilla enchanted books, and they each carry certain modifiers. They can be found as loot in various structures, or received as a reward for completing a mini-quest.

Using Cheats[]

Like vanilla enchantments, it is possible to add these modifiers to any block or item using commands. Simply use the following command:

give <player> <item> <amount> <data> {LOTREnch:[<enchantment>],LOTRRandomEnch:1}

Or to change the modifiers on an existing item, use:

/lotrEnchant <player> <add|remove> <enchantment> OR /lotrEnchant <player> clear

You can add as many modifiers as you want, however, some may not be useful depending on what you put it on. For instance, putting Fierce on a melee weapon will have no effect on its damage. Unlike vanilla enchants, you can not increase the level to normally unobtainable values for a stronger effect. In some cases, you can stack the same modifier several times and obtain an equally ridiculous effect; for example, this command will produce a Legendary Legendary Legendary Long Long Long Stick, with +9.0 Attack Damage and 195% melee reach:

/give @p minecraft:stick 1 0 {LOTRRandomEnch:1b,LOTREnch:[0:"strong4",1:"strong4",2:"strong4",3:"meleeReach1",4:"meleeReach1",5:"meleeReach1",],}

This does not work for the meleeSpeed1 and meleeSlow1 modifiers.



Lord of the Rings Mod Gameplay Mechancs Equipment Modifiers

A video describing Equipment Modifiers

List of Modifiers[]

Tier Key
X Special
+4 Legendary
+3 Excellent
+2 Good
+1 Above Average
-1 Below Average
-2 Poor
-3 Terrible (not in-game)
Obtaining Key
Basic Obtainable on items crafted normally, as well as reforging. Also sold by traders, found in chests, found on NPC equipment, etc.
Skilful Obtainable through reforging - not by initial crafting. Also sold by some traders, and found rarely in chests.
Earned Not obtainable through crafting or reforging. Can be earned directly on equipment by using it to perform some special deed. Does not count towards the 3-modifier limit.
Applied Not obtainable through crafting or reforging.Can be applied to equipment at an anvil (or smith) with a special rare combiner item. Does not count towards the 3-modifier limit.
Unique Not obtainable through crafting or reforging. Exists only on special items found in particular ways, and cannot be applied to other items. Does not count towards the 3-modifier limit.

Note that all modifiers are incompatible with others of the same type: for example, Keen (+1.0 melee damage) is incompatible with Mighty (+2.0 melee damage); and Hardy (x1.25 durability) is incompatible with Enduring (x2.0 durability).


Attribute Tier Effect Obtained Incompatible with

(besides the same type)

Command Name
Enduring +3 x2.0 durability Skilful - durable3
Hardy +1 x1.25 durability Basic - durable1
Lasting +2 x1.5 durability Basic - durable2

Melee Weapons[]

There are a few limits which govern melee modifiers. Melee reach may not exceed 200%, knockback may not exceed +2, and melee speed may not exceed 160%.

Attribute Tier Effect Obtained

Incompatible with

(besides the same type)

Command Name
Blessed +3 +3 looting luck Skilful - looting3
Blunt -1 -1 ( 1 ) melee damage Basic - weak2
Chilling X chills targets Applied Infernal chill
Crooked -2 -2 ( 2 ) melee damage Basic - weak3
Dull -1 -0.5 ( 0.5 ) melee damage Basic - weak1
Dwarfbane X +4 melee damage vs. Dwarves Earned other banes, Headhunting baneDwarf
Elfbane X +4 melee damage vs. Elves Earned other banes, Headhunting baneElf
Fortunate +2 +2 looting luck Skilful - looting2
Headhunting X drops player heads Applied banes headhunting
Hefty +1 +1 knockback Basic - knockback1
Hulking +2 +2 knockback Skilful - knockback2
Infernal X sets target aflame Applied Chilling fire
Keen +2 +1 ( 1 ) melee damage Basic - strong2
Legendary +4 +3 ( 3 ) melee damage Skilful - strong4
Long +1 x1.25 melee reach Basic - meleeReach1
Lucky +1 +1 looting luck Basic - looting1
Mighty +3 +2 ( 2 ) melee damage Skilful - strong3
Orcbane X +4 melee damage vs. Orcs Earned other banes, Headhunting baneOrc
Sharp +1 +0.5 ( 0.5 ) melee damage Basic - strong1
Slow -1 x0.75 melee speed Basic - meleeSlow1
Spiderbane X +4 melee damage vs. Spiders Earned other banes, Headhunting baneSpider
Stunted -1 x0.75 melee reach Basic - meleeUnreach1
Swift +1 x1.25 melee speed Basic - meleeSpeed1
Trollbane X +4 melee damage vs. Trolls Earned other banes, Headhunting baneTroll
Wargbane X +4 melee damage vs. Wargs Earned other banes, Headhunting baneWarg
Wightbane X +4 melee damage vs. Wights Earned other banes, Headhunting baneWight
Wraithbane X Slays Marsh Wraiths Unique other banes, Headhunting baneWraith


The maximum protection for any suit of armour is 80%, the protection of a full suit of Mithril Armour. This was done to prevent players from acquiring near-invincibility by using vanilla enchantments on Mithril armour. While mithril armour itself can't get any pure protection modifiers (Steadfast and Tough), it can still receive boosts to durability, etc. (Note: the chance of getting a bad attribute on Mithril armour is not higher than for other armours, because the chance to obtain the (incompatible) positive protection modifiers is 'absorbed' into the outcome of obtaining no modifier.) Mithril armour also is the only armour to which the True modifier can be applied, for protection against polearms.

Attribute Tier Effect Obtained Incompatible with
(besides same type)
Command Name
Belegostian +3 +4 ( 4 ) protection vs. fire Skilful other special protection (except falling) protectFire3
Cooling +1 +2 ( 2 ) protection vs. fire Basic other special protection (except falling) protectFire1
Crude -2 -2 ( 2 ) protection Basic - protectWeak2
Deflecting +2 +2 ( 2 ) protection vs. projectiles Skilful other special protection (except falling) protectRanged2
Eölean +3 +3 ( 3 ) protection vs. projectiles Skilful other special protection (except falling) protectRanged3
Glancing +1 +1 ( 1 ) protection vs. projectiles Basic other special protection (except falling) protectRanged1
Lightfooted +3 +9 ( 9 ) protection vs. falling Skilful - protectFall3
Poor -1 -1 ( 1 ) protection Basic - protectWeak1
Strongshod +2 +6 ( 6 ) protection vs. falling Skilful - protectFall2
Steadfast +2 +2 ( 2 ) protection Skilful - protect2
Thicksoled +1 +4 ( 4 ) protection vs. falling Basic - protectFall1
Tough +1 +1 ( 1 ) protection Basic - protect1
True +1 +4 ( 4 ) protection vs. polearms Applied all special protection (except falling) protectMithril
Unwithering +2 +3 ( 3 ) protection vs. fire Skilful other special protection (except falling) protectFire2


Attribute Tier Effect Obtained

Incompatible with

(besides same type)

Command Name
Blessed +3 +3 looting luck Skilful Silken looting3
Fortunate +2 +2 looting luck Skilful Silken looting2
Handy +1 x1.5 tool speed Basic - toolSpeed1
Hasty +3 x3.0 tool speed Skilful - toolSpeed3
Lucky +1 +1 looting luck Basic Silken looting1
Masterful +4 x4.0 tool speed Skilful - toolSpeed4
Nimble +2 x2.0 tool speed Basic - toolSpeed2
Silken X Harvests special blocks Skilful looting modifiers toolSilk
Sluggish -1 x0.75 tool speed Basic - toolSlow1

Bows and Crossbows[]

Attribute Tier Effect Obtained

Incompatible with

(besides same type)

Command Name
Chilling X chills targets Applied Infernal chill
Feeble -2 x0.5 ranged damage Basic - rangedWeak2
Fierce +3 x1.3 launch speed Skilful - rangedStrong3
Headhunting X drops player heads Applied - headhunting
Infernal X sets target aflame Applied Chilling fire
Powerful +2 x1.2 launch speed Basic - rangedStrong2
Punching +1 +1 knockback Basic - rangedKnockback1
Striking +2 +2 knockback Skilful - rangedKnockback2
Strong +1 x1.1 launch speed Basic - rangedStrong1
Weak -1 x0.75 ranged damage Basic - rangedWeak1


  • The strength of the ranged protection modifiers for armour was decreased in Update 34.
  • A steadfast modifier was introduced in Public Beta 33. It provided +3 ( 3 ) protection until it was removed in Public Beta 33.2 for being too powerful. The sturdy modifier, which provides +2 ( 2 ), has now been renamed steadfast.
  • From Public Beta 33 until Public Beta 33.2 tool speed modifiers were much higher than they are now. Masterful was at a whopping x8.0 tool speed which allowed the player to 'speed mine' without the use of a haste II beacon.
  • The modifier Eölean is a reference to Eöl the Dark Elf, who made a unique metal that resisted arrows. That metal was called galvorn. For more detail of his story see here.
  • The modifier Belegostian is named in reference to the Blue Dwarves of Belegost. In the battle of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, during the First Age, the fearsome dragon Glaurung emerged from the gates of Angband and laid waste to the armies of Elves and Men. But the Blue Dwarves of Belegost had heavy armour and war masks upon their faces, which protected them from the fire of Glaurung. Azaghâl, Lord of Belegost, even as he died under Glaurung’s feet at last dealt such a fierce blow that the worm fled back into his hole.
  • For swords and other weapons, the combination of Legendary, Swift, and Long is often referred to as 'Maxed' on servers.
  • When a weapon receives a bane modifier, a line in chat appears: '(Players)'s (Weapon) has slayed many (NPC type), and it shall be their bane evermore.
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