Eryn Caran (Sindarin: "eryn" meaning forest, and "caran" meaning red), is a forest in Rhûn. It is located on the northeast side of the Sea of Rhûn. Many large Redwood trees grow here, due to abundance of rainfall.

The Eryn Caran is controlled by Rhúdel, though none of their structures generate here and their soldiers are rare. In days past, this was the site of the personal retreat of Khamûl the Black, Rhûn's greatest king, who became one of the Nazgûl of Mordor.

Entering the forest for the first time earns you the achievement "Redwood Mists".

Sub-Biomes Edit

Eryn Rhúnaer Edit

This is the forest on Tol Rhúnaer, the island in the Sea of Rhûn. Though considered a sub-biome of Tol Rhúnaer, Eryn Rhúnaer is technically a sub-biome of the Eryn Caran.

Biome Variants Edit

The Eryn Caran is a Forest biome with the following variants:

  • Standard - Normal Eryn Caran biome.
  • Flowers - The fields and the undergrowth of tree clusters teem with flowers here.
  • Hills - A hilly landscape with a higher average elevation.
  • Clearing - Clearings in the surrounding forest without any trees and a typically flat surface. These areas offer the best opportunity to spot animals or patrolling Easterling soldiers of the Rhúdel.

Structures Edit

This forest is bereft of structures, though in days past Khamûl the Black maintained a single tower here.

Mobs Edit

The forest is an ideal habitat for deer and their natural enemies, wolves. The undergrowth also provides rich foraging grounds for bears. In addition many other animals inhabit these woods, such as birds, boars, and the Kine of Araw. Easterling warriors and archers patrol the forest. Though the chance to encounter Easterlings is smaller than in the Rhúdel, they come on larger patrols. Possibly in guard of the former dwelling of their greatest ruler against the northmen of Dale, who occasionally invade these lands, or some other possible threat. Avari Elves are rumoured to inhabit these forests, but any alleged sightings have not been confirmed yet. NPCs that spawn naturally in this biome:

Vegetation Edit

The dominance of Redwood trees here is unique. In between those majestic, towering trees you can find any other type of plant and tree that thrives in the rest of the Rhúdel, provided there's some light reaching the dense forest floor. The forest floor itself is largely covered with podzol and ferns.

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