Exploding termites are small but dangerous mobs that spawn when an infested mound is broken. These termite mounds are found in Far Harad (bushland). They are best used against NPC's, as they are fairly ineffective against blocks made of stone or other hard materials.

They are the Lord of the Rings Mod's second self-destructing mob (The first is the warg bombardier), and are much more agile than the creepers from vanilla Minecraft or the warg bombardiers from the Mod. This, combined with their minuscule size makes them very hard to land a hit on.

Interestingly enough, killing termites counts towards the Spiderbane equipment modifier.


Once an infested termite mound block is broken, the termites will rush over to the player, and, when they get close enough, they'll explode. These explosions combined with the fall damage from when the player is launched into the air can easily kill the player if he/she is unarmoured.

In addition, these explosions will likely break other termite mounds nearby, causing more termites to attack.


If the player manages to kill these termites before they explode, they will drop themselves as items (Termite).


They can then be thrown to cause explosions, like a grenade. They also can be crafted into two gunpowder. They are also used as the brewing ingredient of a rather weird drink. Be warned that the possession of an exploding termite is a crime on many servers, as due to a glitch they are not affected by banner protection.


An easy way to get a lot of these is:

  1. Get a few exploding termites, some semi strong blocks, and plenty of cheap or retrievable projectiles.
  2. Find a fresh termite mound.
  3. Make a three block deep pit five by five blocks across with a tall pole in the middle.
  4. Get on the pole.
  5. Throw an exploding termite on the closest mound. 
  6. Move on your pole to make them all fall in the pit.
  7. Kill all termites not in the pit with a bow and get down. 
  8. Whip out some retrievable projectiles (bolts, spears, throwing axes, conkers, NOT explosives or melee).
  9. Kill them all! 
  10. Finally collect the ammo and termites.


The exploding termite was retextured in Update 36 to look more like a real termite. The old, darker textures are shown here. TermiteItem ExplodingTermite

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