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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you update the mod to [newer Minecraft version]?

The mod team is working on an update to Minecraft 1.15, rewriting the mod from the ground up. See Lord of the Rings Mod Renewed below.

My game is lagging! Help!

Fastcraft is a highly recommended mod for increasing FPS and decreasing lag. You can download it here.

I found that this mod, for me, fixed 100% of chunk-loading lag and all the FPS lag in tree-heavy biomes. I really cannot recommend it fully enough; go and try installing it now! You will be surprised how good it is.

Chunks are appearing as black holes and my world is stuffed with mobs! Help!

Example of a chunk error. Note the black hole in the ground and the duplicated mobs

This is a classic sign of a chunk error, which is most often caused by the world not saving properly. When a mob walks into one of those corrupted chunks, the game thinks it disappears and it spawns another one to replace it, but in reality the first one hasn't disappeared and thus you get duplicated mobs. Reasons for this include a sudden power loss, the internal server crashing, or closing Minecraft using a method other than hitting Esc > Save & Quit to Title.

If this happens, don't delete your world -- all hope is not lost! Click Expand for a tutorial on how to fix it yourself, or you can send your world to MilkMC to have him do it for you.

This is a tutorial on how to fix/remove corrupted chunks. If you find this complicated, please take a backup of your world before starting and/or contact MilkMC for help before proceeding.

Locating the affected chunk(s)

This will be easiest if you can still access the area around the affected chunk(s). Ideally, you'll want to fly into the affected chunk and get coordinates for it. If you can't get close to it, try using a mini-map to provide the coordinates of that chunk. Once you have the coordinates, use this tool to identify which region file contains it and the chunk information for it. I prefer to copy the region file from
/.minecraft/saves/<name of your world>/MiddleEarth/region/
somewhere else more easily accessible to work on it.

Using NBT Explorer

This next part will require the use of an NBT Editor. For this tutorial it is assumed you'll be using NBT Explorer.

Open NBT Explorer and navigate to the location of the region file you identified above. Click the plus sign to expand the contents of the region file. Use the chunk information you found earlier to go to the affected chunk and expand it as well as the Level field. Next, confirm that you located the right chunk. To do this, look at xPos and zPos and compare them to where it says in world at (X, Z). If the first set of numbers don't match the other set, then you found the right chunk. Now you can click on that chunk and press delete. Save the file and put it back where you got it from (if you moved it).

Launch Minecraft

Now launch Minecraft and confirm what you did worked. If you have a lot of duplicate entities, try leaving the area and coming back. That should make them despawn, unless they don't despawn naturally, in which case you'll have to find a way to kill/remove them.

How do I obtain saddles in Middle-earth?

Since this is a mod with a heavy focus on exploration and adventure, saddles are very useful items to have in Middle-earth. Luckily, you don't have to go searching dungeons for hours on end; the mod adds saddle crafting recipes! You can also find saddles in some structures in Middle-earth.

The mod also adds crafting recipes for iron, gold, and diamond horse armour, and many others.

Is this mod compatible with [insert mod name]?

This mod should be compatible with most Minecraft Forge mods. Other mods may work with this, but it's not guaranteed.

If the other mod is a dimension mod, you may have to configure some dimension IDs to avoid conflicts. You can change the IDs for this mod by finding the 'LOTR.cfg' located in your .minecraft/config folder. Open it up and change any conflicting values. Dimension IDs may range from -128 to 127 inclusive.

This mod is known to not be fully compatible with OptiFine - running the two together often causes glitches and crashes. If you run into problems running this mod and OptiFine together, we will ask you to remove OptiFine before we can help you with technical support.

For information on specific mod incompatibilities, see here.

Is this mod compatible with NEI (Not Enough Items)?

The Ranger Malvegil has created a very useful NEI plugin for the mod. More information can be found at NEI Plugin.

Is this mod multiplayer compatible?

Yes! Instructions for installing the mod on a server are available here. Note that, as usual, any players connecting to the server must have the mod on their clients. Also, their IDs must be configured (see above) in exactly the same way as those for the server, otherwise things on the clients will not work correctly

Can I run this mod on a Cauldron (MCPC+, Bukkit) server?

You can, but it's probably not going to work very well and I don't recommend it. The mod is developed for Minecraft Forge. Cauldron and similar platforms change much of the code from vanilla+Forge, and as a result, there will likely be many bugs/errors/crashes when the mod is run on Cauldron etc. which do not occur when running the mod on the intended vanilla+Forge server.

If you encounter a bug on a Cauldron server, check to see if it happens on a Forge server before reporting it to me. If you cannot reproduce it on a Forge server, then it is probably a result of the code differences between vanilla+Forge and Cauldron, and I will not attempt to fix it - unless it is a particularly game-breaking bug such as a complete crash. Please read this excellent post for more information.

Can you add Gandalf / Minas Tirith / the One Ring / Mumakil / etc.?

Every main character, region, structure, and so on, from LOTR is planned to be added in the future. But there is a general plan for the mod, and these things will come later on, when the work on more basic features such as biomes, blocks and items, and NPCs are mostly completed.

Will Anduril, Sting, Gandalf's staff, etc. ever be craftable?

No, they will be obtained through questing when the quest system is added. Please note that the quest system referred to is not the mini-quest system already in the mod; the full story-quest system will come much later.

Can you make the Biomes smaller?

If you find it difficult to travel around Middle-earth it is probably because you are walking everywhere. Make use of the mod's fast travel system or any of the various mounts the mod adds, and you will find travelling much easier.

Can you add race selection?

I will never add this, due to compatibility issues. Custom player skins are not compatible with, for example, dwarf, hobbit, and elf models. If race selection were added, your skins might become incompatible with the vanilla game. Also, changing the size of the player could interfere with vanilla game mechanics or other mods.

However, the alignment system and the quest system will allow you to customise your experience on a much greater level than a race system. There are also mods such as iChun's Morph mod that probably already offer something like what you're looking for.

If the Morph mod exists, why can't you add race selection?

To reiterate, race selection is not planned because of the issues it would present with custom player skins. The Morph mod allows you to take on the skins of NPCs, not use your own player skin on different models.

Can you add a way to see the total number of hired units?

Unfortunately not, because there is no 'secure' way to make such a thing possible. The game can record when the player hires a troop, but cannot always record when one is lost, because a troop could be lost by any number of untrackable ways besides just being killed or disbanded: it could be removed by a command like /nukeentities, be removed by a corrupt chunk, fall into the void, or something like that. So over long spans of time - and especially on servers - the 'total number of hired troops' would gradually increase more and more above your actual number.

Can you add an option to place limits on the amount of units a player can hire?

See the above answer. It's the same thing, from a coding perspective.

Why doesn't the Summon Horn of Command summon my units?

The horn will only call your units if you're standing in a safe, unobstructed space. It will not call your units if you're flying, jumping, in water, stood on a non-solid block, or there is not enough room for the unit to stand in (e.g. you can summon Orcs into a one-block wide hole, but not Olog-hai).

Also, the horn cannot summon units from far away - this is simply a result of the way Minecraft works. Only nearby areas of the world are loaded, meaning that if you move too far from your hired units, the horn cannot summon them because they physically do not exist in the world. (This is the same reason that crops don't grow when you're too far away from them, furnaces don't smelt, and so on.)

An exception to this is if you're on a multiplayer server and you travel far away from your units, but another player stays close to them, they will still be loaded and you'll be able to summon them over any distance.

Can you add gold / copper / other coins besides silver?

No, because when considering the implications of such a change, it would mean either messing up the economy or implementing the new coins in a very unsatisfying way:

To add coins of other metals besides silver - and assuming these coins could also be crafted from their respective ingots - then, in order to not introduce massive exploits into the economy, the mod would need to fix these coins' exchange rates with silver coins at the same rate as the metals' relative ore spawns.

For example, gold coins: since gold generates (on average) twice in a chunk compared to three times for silver, gold is 2/3 times as common as silver, and therefore 3/2 times rarer. A gold coin, then, ought to be worth 1.5x as much as a silver coin. This is not a useful exchange rate compared to the 10x silver coins currently in the mod.

The case of copper coins is not much better: if we assume a flat world on average and neglect ore generation above y=64 (because copper generates above this level where there is terrain there) then, copper generates eight times in a chunk versus silver's three times. Copper is therefore approximately 3/8 of the value of silver, and so a silver coin ought to be convertible into approximately 8/3, or 2.666... copper coins. Again, this is not a useful exchange rate.

Obviously it is desirable to have 1x, 10x, and 100x coin denominations for players to work with.

Therefore, adding gold or copper coins would constrain the mod to follow at least one of these paths:

  1. The coins cannot be crafted from their metals (while silver can) and are essentially just reskinned 1x and 100x silver coins.
  2. The coins do not have helpful exchange rates with silver.
  3. The spawn rates of the ores must be changed to match the desired exchange rates. (Since this would then differ from ore generation in the overworld, it would upset balance with vanilla and other mods.)

None of these three options are desirable, compared to just having different denominations of silver coins as the mod currently provides.

Why does my alignment get reset everytime I load my world?

You probably play on a cracked launcher. These are known to have problems saving the player data right (including the alignment data). The best solution is to buy the game, but if you can't do that, click expand to see a possible solution.

Answer to your problem...

Some time ago I had this problem and saw people having this problem, and for everyone this solution worked...

Playing on cracked servers or using cracked minecraft is not popular in the community, it usually makes people not have a good impression of you, so be careful.

Let's Solve the Problem

TLaucher is recommended because it is the simplest to configure, however, other cracked launchers can also be applied for this resolution, Technick for example.

What Causes This Bug?

This bug is generated when you use a premium account (Mojang account) on a cracked server.

How to Solve?

It's simple, use a cracked launcher with the same IGN as your premium account, perhaps the troops you already hired will remain unable to be interacted with, but the troops you hire in the future will certainly be able to be interacted with.

To Do This Is Simple

- Open the Titan launcher
- Before log in, go to Options
- Uncheck the box "Use premium account"
Once this is done, you will be able to login using only one username (instead of username and password)
- Login with the same IGN as your premium account
- Start the game and log into the server
After that your problem will probably be solved...

Doing this will also fix 2 other bugs:

- Visual shield bug:

When you change your character's shield, it does not change visually for you, it will only change if you relog.

- Alignment Bug:

whenever you win or lose alignment, your alignment bar remains unchanged, and only changes after the clock and in some cases after completing some achievement or dying.

I ask you to give me feedback after doing this, whether it works or not, I have other solutions, but this one usually works.

Why is the water grey?

This mod replaces the blue Minecraft water texture with a greyscale one so that there can be a much, much larger range of water colours in Middle-earth - bright tropical blue, dark polar seas, swampy brown water, and more. The mod also accounts for vanilla Minecraft water and any custom water colours (e.g. swamp) so that nothing in the vanilla biomes will be noticeably changed.

I judge the play-experience of this mod in itself to be a higher priority than compatibility with other mods. So, inevitably, as a result of this there could be some graphical problems with water when using this mod alongside another. Here is how to fix those problems:

If you are using a mod that renders water (e.g. in a tank, pipes, or suchlike) and it is grey, contact the mod author telling them to account for the biome's waterColorMultiplier during rendering. This is a very simple step. They ought to already be doing this, since this is a feature of vanilla Minecraft (swamp biomes). If the mod accounts for vanilla swamp water colours, it will automatically account for this mod's water changes as well, and the problem will be fixed.

Can there be a way to get positive Utumno alignment?

No, never. Utumno was designed as a dungeon, hostile mobs only. Being able to obtain positive alignment would defeat the point of Utumno, and besides, however evil you may be in the rest of Middle-earth, the monsters of Utumno would never know. This also extends to Utumno crafting, smelting, or any other resources from Utumno.

If the Far Harad tribes are non-canon, then why can't you add [non-canon suggestion]?

The West of Middle-Earth is fully fleshed out in the lore, so do not suggest non-canon factions for it. While the Far Harad tribes are non-canon, they do make sense, and so do the planned Rhunic Clans. They are seen as better than not having Harad or Rhun at all, as the canon material for said regions is limited. Please keep the suggestions for Far Harad, Rhun, and the Dark Lands either to a minimum or post ways to improve existing factions. This means no Dwarves in Far Harad or the Dark Lands, no Snow-elves, etc.

Can you add hireable units that can mine for me?

In time, this might happen in some way.

What happened with seasons?

Seasons were a planned feature for the mod. Work begun around the time of Public Beta 22, but was soon postponed indefinitely due to a problem with changing grass and leaf colours. If you are interested to know more, there is an in-depth discussion on the matter here.

Lord of the Rings Mod: Renewed

This FAQ was also posted on the official Facebook page. Check out that link for more information on The Lord of the Rings Mod: Renewed. You can also read the relevant Wiki page for more information, along with a download link.

On 26 April 2020, the mod team also conducted a Q&A session on the Wiki's Discord server, the results of which can be found here, along with the full transcript.

When will it be completed?

We can't know yet, but it will take at least several months to reach feature parity with 1.7.10, and possibly more. Of course, we will work on the more important additions first.

Which features will you add first?

First of all - Blocks and Items, the absolute basics. And the Middle-earth dimension, which we'll expand on a biome-by-biome basis. Later on - NPCs (the core ones first) and gameplay mechanics. The player data things. More world generation, like more biomes and basic structures. Even later - Complex gameplay mechanics, like modifiers and conquest, as well complex structures. Later still - data fixers (see below) - and then continuing content updates for the mod itself. Basically, expect it to follow a similar path to the development of the actual mod since 2013, but faster and more prepared.

Will I be seeing [X vanilla feature] in Middle-earth?

Yes, most of them! That's part of the reason we want to update, after all. All your favourite vanilla animals (turtles, dolphins, foxes, parrots, polar bears...) will fit right in, not to mention all the ocean blocks. Obviously some particular things like, e.g. pillagers and shulker boxes won't be coming to the dimension.

For more detail on the mod team's thoughts on vanilla features, see Mevans' post here.

What about the Texture Update?

Gruk is presently at work retexturing lots of mod blocks and items to match the new vanilla style of 1.14+. So they'll fit in just fine. And this is in addition to updating all those mod textures already for Update 36! He works hard, that nobleman.

Will it be compatible with my 1.7.10 worlds?

Eventually - yes*. At first - NO. Do not try to load your 1.7.10 worlds in 1.15! Not only will most of the content be missing, but much of the save format - especially how blocks and block sub-types, and items in inventories, are saved - is completely different. Because of this, 1.15 is incapable of loading modded 1.7.10 worlds, unless those mods use Mojang's DataFixers library to tell the game how to transform the old save data. And this data wizardry is what we'll work on once the 1.15 version has all the matching blocks, items, and entities. We know that it will be extremely important for more than a few servers out there! But we have to add all the physical content first.

  • At the moment we don't know for certain if this can be done, simply because we haven't tried yet. But there's no reason to doubt it. Although lots of mods that updated from older to newer versions can't load old worlds, that's presumably because those mods didn't attempt to include a DataFixer - it's something you have to specifically program, and it is a tricky process, from what I've seen, but it does seem entirely capable of being adapted to a mod with some effort. Suffice to say that we will make an extraordinary effort to ensure it works, so don't panic.

What about Update 36?

Update 36 was the final major update for 1.7.10. Future updates will be for the 1.15 version going forward. We do not expect this will bother most of you, as lots of our fans prefer to play the LOTR mod alone, or with a selection of small additional mods, so the particular Minecraft version probably isn't a big factor. But in case you're questioning this decision, the fact is that maintaining a mod of this size is a big task (though not quite as big as updating it!) and it would not be worth it to maintain two separate versions. The 1.7.10 versions will of course remain available into the future, and Update 36 will continue to receive bugfixes as required.