The mod team has recently completed a question and answer session on the community discord server. This page provides links to the full transcript from this session as well as a condensed, curated version of the questions for easier reading.


Curated Q&AEdit

Questions about the Renewed versionEdit

Q: Is there any sort of timeline with 1.15? For can we expect regular and content-filled updates?

A: The snapshots are going to be released very frequently. We are thinking about one every week or every two weeks. And doing away with the expectation of making huge updates, just publishing whatever new progress has been made.

A problem is that over the years we’ve developed expectations for ourselves, expectations of releasing large and complex, polished updates. Compare for example any of the 2017-present updates to the original year of the mod’s development. Those older updates are completely different in style, and the Renewed snapshots are much more similar to those older updates.

Also when adding a faction specifically, there is an expectation to add it in as “completely playable” from the first moment. This is what slows down updates - the feeling that we can’t just publish anything at any moment, that more must be completed first, which itself compounds the problem because of the psychology of procrastination. Hopefully with the more blatantly “in-development” nature of Renewed, we will not face such a problem.

Q: Could you share some of what is coming in the second Renewed Update?

A: New stalagmites and new textures (including new gondor rock textures!) are already confirmed, other stuff will be teased over the next days.

Q: After the port to 1.15 is finished, will development be faster or slower because of the different code?

A: Judging by what I've seen so far may be slightly faster for some aspects (blocks), and slightly slower for others (worldgen features / trees)

Q: Will processes such as ring forging become easier to code once the mod has been fully updated to 1.15.2?

A: It will probably not be any easier or harder.

Q: Is there anything you aren't planning on porting to 1.15?

A: We are only planning to leave out those things which vanilla has added in the intervening years, for example: armour stands. Some other things like rabbits we have yet to decide whether to port (as a Middle-earth alternative) or leave out. We'll probably ask the community about these.

Q: Will we have an option to choose between features, like mod rabbits or vanilla rabbits?

A: We will look to avoid conflicting features.

Q: Which feature/part of the update will change the most of the mod as we know it?

A: I would venture to say it's the BlockStates system. For example, this includes waterlogged blocks. And BlockStates make it much easier to add sub-properties to blocks, which we have seen a glimpse of with the sideways pillars and fruitless leaves. Much quicker to code than in 1.7.10.

Q: Will BlockStates allow seasons, and thus changing tree leaves and fallen leaves depending on the season?

A: Unfortunately Blockstates does not make that problem any easier, as far as I know. That is, it might make it easier to code seasonal block types... but the problematic reason we never added seasons is related to the way chunk rendering code works. I'd need to explain in more detail elsewhere, but suffice to say that one isn't magically fixed by 1.15.

Q: With the rework of the mod will the creative menu be updated to be more organized?

A: No, because this is not in our hands (unless a mod added a new creative menu...) Blocks and items are ordered by their ID. There's no method in the code to order them specifically.

Q: Do you have any concerns about the extensive increased amount of RAM a server would need to run mods in 1.15.2? I would expect a lot of servers with not enough memory to have some problems due to the update

A: Having been playing a 1.15 server recently, I know what you mean. All I can say is - this is probably outside our capabilities to fix, unless I manage to find some easy optimisations waiting to be made, like I found in 1.7.10 with grass blocks ticking, water ticking, and mob spawning. Besides that, there will be hopefully some mods like Fastcraft that help. Also, I've heard that 1.16 might improve things on this front.

Q: Will compatibility and integration be added for vanilla commands regarding entities and NBT data? I'm thinking especially of /entity and entity selectors (@e).

A: If the mod is coded properly (which it will be) all that stuff will automatically be usable on LOTR entities without having to work on it specifically.

Q: How much of a challenge was it to warm up to the 1.14+ texture style?

A: Well, the new style has quite a lot of "rules" that you need to follow to keep everything consistent. I still have quite a lot to learn, but I'm getting there.

Q: Will there be vertical stairs now that there is vertical slabs

A: Vertical stairs are technically what's already in Minecraft, I believe you meant horizontal stairs. We will likely not be adding horizontally placed stairs.

Q: Do you think you might possibly use the new dimension system coming out in the snapshots right now?

A: If you mean the April Fool's snapshot, it's not going to be kept in the actual game, as far as I'm aware. And I don't see how that could apply to Middle-earth.

Questions about shieldsEdit

Q: Will faction shields be crafted in their respective crafting tables or just put on to vanilla shields as a skin?

A: They will be separate faction craftable items.

Q: What will keep people from crafting many alignment shields and giving them to friends, if they are craftable?

A: They will most likely function as cosmetic skins. Perhaps they would require alignment to hold, as well as craft. Then again, that "problem" already exists with armour and weapons.

Q: Will there be custom shields?

A: If we add some new vanilla banner patterns, you’ll be able to add those on shields too.

Q: Will shields still appear on the player's back?

A: Currently they are not able to be equipped to your back in 1.15. Mevans will be looking into it in the future, so hopefully we can still have them display on players backs.

Q: How will mod Shields work compared to vanilla ones? Will their function be identical or has it yet to be decided?

A: Yet to be decided but we are thinking of retaining some functionality of shields, if only as an item rather than an toggled option menu.

Q: Is there any chance of adding another cosmetic item (such as capes) instead of shields (as they will be used for fighting) or make it so to craft faction shields you will need high alignment?

A: We might make it so you need alignment to craft those recipes, and an alignment requirement beyond +1 on crafting faction equipment is something we've been thinking about for years now. Things like this will probably be easier in 1.15.2. Unfortunately capes go against Mojang's EULA.

Questions about combat/AIEdit

Q: Will it use the vanilla combat system or will you use the one you made for 1.7.10?

A: In the complete version it will be naturally based on the vanilla combat system, but with elements of the mod's combat system included, such as weapon reach and items with knockback. We haven't discussed which direction we wish to take PvP. We have not yet fully discussed what to do in regards to vanilla cooldown system

Q: Will the vanilla crossbow stay?

A: Yes, and mod crossbows will be adapted versions of it.

Q: Will tridents be allowed?

A: There will probably be a Middle-earth equivalent.

Q: Will invasions be updated to look more like vanilla Pillager raids?

A: We already added an invasion "boss bar" and started work on a more wave-like system for Update 36. So... yes?

Q: Will NPC AI receive any changes due to the additions from 1.9-1.14? E.g. 1.9+ Skeleton AI, Vindicator axes disabling shields, etc.

A: I confess I'm not entirely sure what additions have been made to vanilla AI. One thing I did see a hint of, in the code, is that mobs avoid fire blocks now. That wasn't in 1.7.10, so I had to add it in myself. Good to see! AI upgrades are the kind of thing that are limited by the coder’s ability / imagination, not by the Minecraft version. The basic AI system, since even earlier than 1.7.10, has been able to handle almost any kind of task you could imagine. The challenge is in working out how to simplify the task into a set of discrete and unambiguous steps: an algorithm, a program, code. I don’t see any way that 1.15 would make things easier on this front, unless it is a particular kind of AI task that now exists in the modern game and thus would allow us to save time by copying the algorithm rather than designing a new one!

Q: What will this higher version of Minecraft allow you to do concerning hireable units?

A: Nothing comes to mind that's possible in 1.15 that wouldn't have been possible in 1.7.10.

Q: Will NPCs be able to use shields and block with them, or just the player? In the same vein, how will two hands affect NPCs in general, will we see dual wielding NPCs?

A: NPCs will be able to use shields as they do now (in 1.7.10) and they will presumably work as they do for players in 1.9+. From looking in the code it seems all mobs have the potential for an offhand. So dual wielding NPCs is definitely a possibility code-wise, though we’d need to figure out how to make it work mechanically.

Q: Will the villager job system from 1.15 be integrated to the mod's NPCS or traders?

A: Probably not in exactly the same way, because it’s not very “humanising”. But we do want to add a way of obtaining your own traders so you can build a new settlement more easily. Quite possibly parts of it will be integrated. We want to include the bed mechanics at least.

Questions about vanilla additionsEdit

See also: Mevans' post here.

Q: Will vanilla ocean features be added to Middle-earth oceans, especially water ruins, new corals etc.?

A: We will be adding in the appropriate ocean items/blocks to the southern ME oceans. As for more underwater ruins, I'd like to try getting some more of those into the mod.

Q: Will structures receive an update to use things like the new campfires?

A: Some structures will likely change slightly to implement some of the new 1.15 features like campfires and storage barrels etc. Don't expect everything to be completely revamped though.

Q: Will honey be used for mead instead of sugar?

A: I think that is something we will definitely look into

Q: Will the vanilla banners and mod banners be different eventually or will they be combined into one?

A: We plan on keeping both separate and the fantastic Gruk has even said that we might see LOTR design options/patterns for vanilla banners too

Q: Do you have any plan to add a Middle-earth equivalent of mending? If so any thoughts on how you would implement it?

A: It's not something we've thought about yet, to be honest. Maybe we'll think of something.

Q: Will all vanilla animals be integrated into Middle-earth and what will happen to the mod's rabbits?

A: If they have a place in Middle-Earth, we will find it for them and integrate them. However some mobs that do not fit, will be confined to the Vanilla Overworld. We plan on reducing the size of vanilla bees. And concerning Rabbits... Well these are Rhosgobel Rabbits. I'd like to see bunnies try. (Not a 100% certain on this, so it may change based on development).

Q: If there are no major changes in code will you go up to 1.17.X and make goats (if added) rideable for dwarves?

A: I suppose that depends on whether Mojang do the mountain update in 1.17. It's not confirmed, as far as I'm aware. But if so, they would probably spawn in Middle-earth because why not?

Questions about the map/worldEdit

Q: Will the map change or become larger/smaller?

A: The map will be staying the same size. We don't currently plan on changes to the map but this is very possible to change when we do deep dives into specific regions.

Q: Does the update to 1.15 make Cubic Chunks a possibility?

A: It probably makes it easier, but (at the moment) we feel we would prefer to leave that to other modders, since it's such a game-changing feature.

Q: How will 3d biomes affect the mod? 1.16 will change it so chunks are x, y, and z rather than just x and z (e.g. the lava lakes on the bottom of the Nether are now an actual biome). Are there any plans for this?

A: We are very excited by the changed biome generation and we have already floated many ideas around. An example can be improved or unique caves

Q: Will different biome heights (i.e. the falls of Rauros) be a possibility with 1.15 or higher?

A: To be honest cubic chunks wouldn’t affect the feasibility of waterfall terrain gen in any way I can imagine; cubic chunks are a method for optimising storage and/or making higher heights more feasible, not a method for terrain generation.

Q: Would you consider terrain generation to be one of the things you might want to enhance? There is a project called Terraforged which produces naturally generated terrain and the code is openly sourced. If you had the chance to implement something like this, would you?

A: I do like terrain generation changes, but I fear something on the amazing scale of Terraforged is more the domain of a specific worldgen mod. What I mean is, if I could wave a wand and have it be as good as that, I absolutely would, but we have tons of other areas to cover besides worldgen, so we can't invest anywhere near as much effort into worldgen as they are able to. There will hopefully be lots of terrain generation upgrades in the future. And without even having checked out what species of open source their code is, I would not feel it is ethically right to seek to implement open source code into a closed source mod.

Q: Will Lights be able to be recoloured similar to shaders? (morgul torches glow green, etc) and in so doing that, will biomes be able to be lit a different colour? (Gorgoroth having a reddish/ashy hue) and with the different times of day (mid day being a lot brighter than dusk which would be more orange)

A: I have never tried to write shader code, so I don't know. Maybe someone could write a shader designed to be used with the LOTR mod which achieves these things.

Questions about the Legacy versionEdit

Q: When will update 36 come out?

A: Probably after a few more Renewed snapshots. Maybe a few weeks?

Q: What features have you ever wanted to add, but chosen not to because they conflict with existing lore?

A: That's a very good question. My compliments. The first thing that comes to mind is the extremely extensive non-canon Harad and Rhûn faction planning that we have worked on over the years, mostly the work of. It has had to undergo some revisions as we've decided over time to adopt a more lore-backed approach. Don't worry, it hasn't been thrown away - a lot of new factions are still in the pipeline for the future, but we're taking care to make them more lore-friendly. You can also add to that category several of the factions suggested by people on the mod Wiki over the years, some of which may be very deeply planned-out, but unfortunately not a great fit for the world of Tolkien. Something else - it seems it would be quite fun to code a really extensive magic system into Minecraft, and we could even have got away with it judging by what some LOTR games have done over the years. Unfortunately, big flashy magic just doesn't fit well with Tolkien's lore.

Q: As a 1.7.10 server owner who is on the cauldron platform, what future, if any, exists for the version on 1.7.10? Would there be a more lenient policy toward submods for 1.7.10 (and 1.7.10 only), as some servers will not be able to update. If so, to what extent? (For example compatibility with other mods, faction additions, biomes to support server-story-divergencies and more waypoints.)

A: An interesting question. It might be that after the 1.15 update is complete, and 1.7.10 becomes truly Legacy, we would decide to "hand it over to the community" so to speak. That's what I did with the Lion King mod, although as far as I'm aware, nobody's done much with it. I can't promise anything for now, but it's something we'll consider.

Q: Will we get a list of all the new features in the last 1.7.10 update?

A: Update 36 will have a complete changelog. If you want to hear more about what we’ve added to it that hasn’t been announced yet... we’ll try and get some videos out shortly.

Q: Will invasions be updated to look more like pillager raids?

A: We already added an invasion "boss bar" and started work on a more wave-like system for Update 36. So... yes?

Questions about the transition process from Legacy to RenewedEdit

Q: Will existing content from 1.7.10 be revised while introducing it into 1.15 or will the goal for the foreseeable future only be to duplicate all the original features of the mod without retroactively updating content?

A: It's not a stated goal, but we are revising some features as we update them, just because things come to mind. For example, today I ported stalactites/stalagmites across, and added a lot of new ones in the process, plus it is now a single block with varying placement instead of two different ones. We have the possibility of retroactively updating some content rather than porting right away and changing it later. Doubtless we'll "renew" some features along the way, like you've seen with the sideways pillars.

Q: Are Legacy and Renewed connected?

A: We plan on bringing the Renewed version to catch up with update 36, and then Renewed will return to being named Update 37, 38, etc.

Q: Will Update 36's content show up in some of the earlier renewed snapshots (I would assume it would be easy to add the blocks and biome since you're working on then concurrently) or will it be towards the end of renewed?

A: The new blocks/items for Update 36 will likely be added to the renewed edition sometime after the real Update 36 comes out. Although we do already have the new U36 flower (Lavender) in the Renewed edition already. So who knows.

Q: Are you planning to rebalance factions at all? To me this seems like a perfect opportunity to do so, since you will be remaking everything from scratch.

A: We might rebalance some stuff, but we will discuss that when we get to adding factions.

Q: Will you continue updating the mod to newer versions of Minecraft, or will it stay on 1.15 after this till you get another feature you would like to have?

A: We will hopefully keep up with MC updates more. The main reason we shirked the 1.8 update and subsequent ones was the huge amount of codebase refactoring (such as the above) - 1.16, for example, will probably be just a content update and not require any major code changes for a modder updating from 1.15.

Q: Have you looked into lighter modloaders such as fabric?

A: We absolutely need the heavy capabilities of Forge to create a mod like this.

Q: Is there any chance that the mod might get an update and compatibility with versions between 1.7.10 and 1.15? Such as 1.12.2

A: It won't be made for 1.12 or any other intermediate versions, since the workload in updating it at all is quite huge.

Q: Are you planning to use the strscan method for Gondor and other "old" structures?

A: We might, but in general, simply transferring across the old code is quicker than redoing it all in strscan format.

Q: Is there anything that you won't be able to implement from the old version, or that you'll have to change significantly, because of code differences between 1.7.10 and 1.15?

A: Nothing comes to mind right now

Q: What features of the new Minecraft versions in particular compelled you to make the jump to a modern Minecraft version?

A: It was a mix of things, but the main one that stood out to me was waterlogging blocks and the BlockState system, which is a vast improvement over Block&Metadata from a code design perspective. That doesn't mean it's easy to update to from old code, but going forward, it's so much nicer.

Q: Will you first focus on completing the biomes/map or will the updates be a mix of NPCs, features and biomes?

A: The map/biomes are a higher priority than the NPCs/structures because the first needs to exist to make the second playable.

Q: What are the highest priority factions for you to introduce into the mod and are they higher priority than gameplay features such as conquest?

A: I'm assuming you're talking about porting them to 1.15. Basic faction mechanics and content are higher priority than more abstract mechanics such as conquest. The most high priority factions will be those which are canon, those which are most familiar to people from the books & movies, and those which are most commonly played.

Q: Are there any plans to change some of the far more movie-inspired older content, Gondor and Isengard armour for example, to follow the books' descriptions more closely?

A: There are currently no plans on changing the original design of such textures.

Questions about future contentEdit

Q: Can we expect multiblock GUI structures in the future? Including those that could be only generated and used where they were generated (no crafting, no relocation). Also, can we expect some more sophisticated cooking system with pans, kettles etc.?

A: One thing I can say is that for Update 36 (originally, but it probably won't be included now) we planned to change the way faction tables work. Instead of having to switch between them, say, if you were to put a Dwarven table next to an Elven table, and a vanilla crafting table next to that, you'd be able to switch between all three tables in a single GUI via a tab system, where you can tab between the different tables' GUIs. Just a quality of life feature. It will probably be added in the future.

Q: Which factions still remain to be completed/fleshed out before the mod can move onto other projects besides fleshing out the factions of Middle-earth?

A: Bree, Lossoth, Woodmen/Beornings, Wainriders, Khand, Drúedain, Red Mountains Dwarves, Avari Elves, and some non-canon plans for Rhûn and Harad, and maybe some others I forgot.

We have our eyes on Gundabad expansions.

Q: Will the Bree hobbits be a different people from their Shire counterparts or will they be exactly the same?

A: Kind of, yes! From research it has been abundantly clear that the Hobbits of Bree do not consider themselves the same as the Shire Hobbits. So different speechbanks are written for them, and thus they have a different disposition than "The Colonies".

Q: Will laketown be a subfaction as some point soon?

A: We don't plan on this but it may be discussed in the future

Q: Are "goblins" going to be added as a subspecies of Orcs at some point, or will the mod keep them as the same things, like they're meant to be in the books? It's something on the planned features list that I've wondered about for a while.

A: Goblins are just Orcs. We might add some sort of "Cave Orcs" subfaction someday down the line, but right now porting the mod is our main focus.

Q: Any thoughts of splitting Lindon and Rivendell into their own factions instead of keeping them grouped up as "High Elves"?

A: We don't currently plan on that

Q: Can we expect separate speechbanks for the different orcish factions in the mod?

A: I would love to do that, and probably will do a patch over every faction and their speechbanks. Just like structures and every other aspect of the mod, I too want to take care of some old Legacy speechbanks and give them a fresh lick of paint. Orcish factions would also be a part of this, to localize them a bit more.

Q: Are there any long-term plans for larger quests, such as conquering an area or multi-stage tasks?

A: There certainly are plans for sequential quests and larger storylines. Their implementation is still in discussion however, possibly with this port it will allow us to look into getting a system in place for when the time is right to add these. There are plans to include sequential quests (so they have multiple steps) and more than just fetch/kill quests. These plans however are not a priority at the moment and may take some time before they are realized.

Q: We have farmhands to aid us in farming. Are there any plans to give players similar aid in mining or trading or other aspects of the game?

A: We have in-depth plans to add custom traders, who you will be able to hire as middlemen and give specified stocks and buy requests. But they'll take a small cut of the profits, of course!

Q: Have you had hopes of adding any 'civ-like' elements to the game, such as developing towns and inhabitants?

A: It is something that has been discussed on some occasions, and while it is not a possibility being ruled out, we do not plan on this currently.

Q: Will you be considering the addition of underground structures such as dwarven and goblin ruins/lairs, or even those of the forgotten creatures within the depths of Middle Earth?

A: There have been considerations to adding Dwarven and Orc structures with more depth in the past, but we haven’t gotten around to it yet. Once the mod has been properly set up for 1.15.2 we might take more consideration to these types of structures.

Q: Will there be more gates added eventually?

A: Possibly? Though in general we like to stray away from bloat when one item will suffice. For example, that's why we never added toolsets for most Mannish factions, when they have wooden/stone/iron/bronze tools.

Q: Are you planning on adding stone/dirt slabs to the generation?

A: Probably not, besides their use in roads or structures.

Q: Is there any way to add a background that’s outside of the playable area? Showing the Misty Mountains in the background if you’re standing in the Lone-Lands for example.

A: That can be done with skyboxes, yes. Although in our case we would have to come up with some sort of a "dynamic skybox" that changes based on your location.

Q: Is there any chance to add/replace commands to the command-horn. like guard true/false, instead of isactive true/false? and maybe a counting system?

A: Yes, we'd like to add more commands to horns. Counting units and mechanics that involve limiting units cannot be done satisfactorily, for technical reasons which it would take a long time to explain here.

Q: Are there any ideas where to take conquest next?

A: We had a big discussion last year and got several ideas for how to improve conquest for Update 36. Some of these will be implemented, some not until after Renewed. But we have it all saved for the future!

Q: Have you thought about making an alternative for Ent draughts (perhaps for the Half-trolls). At the moment Ent draughts give effects that can't be gotten from any other brews and evil players cannot get them.

A: The main thing that forces our hand on this is staying true to the lore. I suppose we might add some more Morgul sorcery items in the future. It is certainly a route we can take, however it is also perhaps troublesome to give non-lore factions so much focus then if you're encouraged to interact with non immersive features. It is delicate to balance this entire ecosystem.

Q: Any plans on making it possible for players to hire Ents? They could work as a pledge-only troop for Fangorn since there's no benefits for pledging at the moment.

A: Simply put, no. Ents are not the same as many other entities, and they aren't contracted into armies or violence. They are an entity and will of their own, and we would not want to break the lore to make them violent.

Q: Do you have any intention of adding more bosses in the future?

A: We do have ideas and plans for bosses, but they have to feel and fit right before we put them in. It definitely comes up whether we want to add a boss or not, so you can expect a new boss at some point.

Q: Do you have any plans for adding a special item to the obsidian level of Utumno?

A: We have thought for a very long time about this and rejected at least twelve ideas due to various reasons. You're welcome to help us and try and come up with something. Any item would have to 1) be lore-justifiable, 2) make sense for an "obsidian" theme, and 3) not be a Thorns replacement, because the way Thorns works breaks PvP.

Q: Are there any planned changes to make the combat deeper in regards to both how you hit someone (a more basic form of mount and blade?) and how weapons interact with each other (rock-paper-scissors type system perhaps)?

A: We have discussed weapon interaction with shields, if that's what you're referencing. We are also interested in looking into what you described with the first bit.

Q: Would you consider dual-wielding in the mod in the future?

A: Dual wielding is something we will discuss, and two handed weapons too.

Q: Are there any plans to expand the weapon tree, either by adding different weapons varied by faction or different kinds or ranged weapons?

A: If it is fitting, we could certainly add different weapons for different factions.

Q: Will throwing axes ever be a viable good weapon?

A: With changes to combat, perhaps they can be buffed somehow.

Q: Will there be a way to combine and upgrade scrolls?

A: No, at this time there is not plans to allow combines/upgrading modifier scrolls

Q: I noticed lavender had been added to the first snapshot, is there any reason in particular for that?

A: Yes, but you will have to wait a few weeks and see 🤔

Q: Will there be more food added?

A: Always!

Q: Have you ever thought about adding siege machines and ships and would it be possible for 1.15.2?

A: We've thought about it, we'd quite like to, but we've just never got around to it. They're not specifically planned for any particular update. We plan on sticking to vanilla boats for the near future.

Q: Will more lore characters be added?

A: For now, we will not look to add characters without proper integration into the mod or its features, I.e. Gandalf as a tutorial NPC

Q: Will there ever be built/major structures? For example Erebor/helms deep/Minas Tirith/Mt.Gundabad.

A: They are not a high priority because people like to build them on servers, and we don't want to prioritise something that will just be turned off in config by most players.

Q: Are there any plans for the Eastern/Rhun expansion? Any plans to add Rhun bandits?

A: I must admit that it is not a specific priority. But neither is anything else. For the time being our primary focus will remain on Middle Earth. As for bandits, that is a very specific question. Probably? We've just never got around to it.

Q: Will dragons be a thing? Would they be able to be saddled?

A: Yes, we plan for dragons in the future! Further details are probably too speculative to say anything solid about, sorry.

Q: Any plans/ideas for the mechanics of Fellbeasts and/or Eagles?

A: No plans, plenty of ideas. But this answer is mostly answered in the FAQ. As an add-on, I can give you this answer; They will come when they will, and when we have the *right* idea for it, we will make a plan for it.

Q: Is there any chance you might add Oliphaunts to the mod in the future?

A: There is always a chance...

Q: will skinchangers be a thing?

A: Yes, we plan on skinchangers/Beorn's Folk in the future.

Q: Are rings of power still a consideration or just seen as a impossibility?

A: Rings of power are still certainly a possibility.

Questions about third-party creations/compatibilityEdit

Q: In the 1.15.2 version do you plan on making it compatible with Optifine?

A: Yes, if there is an incompatibility I will try to fix it.

Q: Writing speechbanks sounds so insanely fun, is there any chance I could help in some way?

A: Probably yes! It's a bit complicated of course, because it has to go through multiple filters to keep the same tone and appropriate language/lore in place (the Research is half of the work, the 20 different ways of saying "Hello" is the other). But I wouldn't ever decline suggestions for factions where you feel the dialogue is missing some elements of lore or trivia! But do pester me, so I can compile a neat collection for Mevans when the times are right.

Q: Are there any plans to expand or modify the categories system for the music packs? (i.e. change the definitions for a cave region, add categories for weather, etc)

A: I wanted to add more categories but it got sort of forgotten about. Hopefully some of that can be looked over during the Renewed update.

Q: Now that the mod is still in the early stages of development, would there be a possibility for people to leave suggestions on how it would be easier to develop addons?

A: I would be very open to such suggestions on how to make the 1.15 mod more customisable, but I admit I have a habit of not checking Discord for long periods of time. The sheer amount of message build-up tends to make me feel some reluctance. As unhelpful as this may sound, I would suggest perhaps collating all your ideas in an easy to read format, and posting it somewhere that the community or a moderator are likely to pick up on and send to me?

Q: The sub-modding stance has always been confusing, since so many people have varying definitions. Is it permitted to make mods that modify but are dependent on lotr, and don't directly change or use mod code?

A: Indeed there are lots of different ideas on what constitutes a sub mod, and I am sorry that the communication has been confusing in the past. We will make this situation more clear down the line as the situation with 1.7.10 and 1.15 develops, but as the mod is ported to 1.15, one of our goals is to make things more customisable with datapacks, so that people can achieve map/faction modifications using just the mod itself and a datapack. Features such as waypoints, roads, and faction properties will likely be reworked to make use of datapacks. We are planning to work with some other programmers on this.

Q: Would there be a more lenient policy toward submods for 1.7.10 (and 1.7.10 only), as some servers will not be able to update. If so, to what extent?

A: An interesting question. It might be that after the 1.15 update is complete, and 1.7.10 becomes truly Legacy, we would decide to "hand it over to the community" so to speak. That's what I did with the Lion King mod, although as far as I'm aware, nobody's done much with it. I can't promise anything for now, but it's something we'll consider.

Other questionsEdit

Q: Is there any way to donate and show my support for your guys' hard work?

A: Any donations are extremely appreciated! Given how many hours I spend on this mod, a little can go a long way and really helps me feel like it's worth it. I have a donation link available on the sidebar the wiki front page, for PayPal. If you donate above a certain amount (£5) you can also get a special shield or title to display in game, which will be available with the next 1.7.10 mod update! (and in 1.15, once we get around to adding them in).

Q: The community benefits so much from the hard work you guys do. How can we give back? I know there's a link for donations, but for people who can't spare anything, how best can we help they mod team?

A: A good question. What can be done that doesn’t amount to adding more work for us? One helpful possibility for people, that doesn’t cost anything (except internet access), is working to update and complete the mod’s wiki. There’s a surprising amount of things that haven’t been documented yet, or could use a rework, and with the Renewed update, there will be more work than ever!

Another thing that people can do is spread the word about the mod. Introduce friends to it, post about it on social media platforms (the mod has its own subreddit now, I am told.) Finally for those who speak multiple languages there is the option to update language files, although a lot of the more common languages have been done already.

Q: Would you ever consider hosting the mod on CurseForge (for higher visibility and a passive income from the author rewards program)?

A: Quite possibly, we will look into it.

Q: If any new relevant lore stuff comes with the Amazon series, will that “new lore” be added to the mod especially map changes if there are any?

A: We like to base our mod on the books and Tolkien’s writings alone, and invent any non-canonical additions ourselves. So I don’t expect any non-canon content in the Amazon series will be directly added to the mod. But it might inspire us in less direct ways.

Q: What level of focus do you place on PvP when you are balancing weapons, armour, and modifiers, and do you consider PvP to be an integral part of the mod?

A: PvP is certainly a significant portion of Minecraft, the mod and any LOTR server. We take PvP into a massive amount of care when balancing weapons as that is one of the only two uses apart from PvE. PvE must also be respected however and handled with care.

Q: I see a tendency towards longer update times in the development of LOTR. Every new Update has bigger time of development. Are you planning to continue this tendency?

A: This is mainly due to us growing older and getting more responsibility to preoccupy us, but it all depends on how much time is given to us to work. For this sudden burst, it's mainly because many of us are stuck at home in quarantine right now.

Q: Since you are essentially remaking the mod from scratch, are you experiencing any nostalgia during the process?

A: What a lovely question! Very much. It’s very nostalgic going through all this old code and old features, and re-adding things that the younger version of me added seven years ago. Seeing the Ring Portal appear for the first time in 1.15 was particularly sentimental. And it offers plenty of opportunities for reflection. Some things change, some things stay the same...

Q: What do you like the most about this new adventure?

A: It's an opportunity to make things seem fresh and exciting again, for everyone!

Q: What does the Dev team agree that is going to be the most Ambitious and Complex Addition you desire do add to the mod in the near future?

A: The whole update to 1.15.2 itself. Besides that... maybe Mûmakil?

Q: What new feature are you most excited to add?

A: It's going to be quite fun to redo the map biome generator. That was one of the most exciting things to add back in the old days.

Q: Personally, what is your favourite addition of the new versions of Minecraft. For example the End overhaul, bees, etc.

A: For some of us mod team members, its the improved oceans and boats, for others it's the different textures. A few of us also quite like the changes to the End and Nether. Overall the game seems a lot more optimised too which is very lovely.

Q: Pig land when? 🐷

A: Pig land already exists within the mod. You'll just have to search really hard to find the promised land.

Q: When will you finally add the **chad** best men: the epic Lossoth?

A: Chad does not appear when you, or even we, ask him to come... Chad adds himself to the mod when he feels like it.

Q: Any chance of completely removing Harad?

A: There is always a chance of removing Harad

Q: Is there any hidden Easter egg in the mod not found yet? (As for me there should always be at least one ;)

A: Yes, there are some yet undocumented. But we wouldn’t want to reveal those on a public Q&A, now would we?


A: What is a Gandalf?

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