Fallen leaves are decorative blocks placed during world generation that may cover the ground under trees. Thus, they are most commonly seen in forests.

There is a fallen leaf block type for every type of tree that can be found in Middle-earth (the exception being charred trees, which do not grow any leaves). This includes all the vanilla tree types.

These fallen leaves may be collected as an item when broken with shears. Otherwise, they will drop nothing when broken.

All types of fallen leaves as of Public Beta 21.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Fallen leaves blocks are thin, rising just above the ground. Each block is composed of a few small parts of leaf. Some fallen leaf blocks have many leaf parts, and some have only a few.

The fallen leaves use the same texture as the leaf blocks they come from, but darkened slightly by the Mod's code.

The sizes of the individual leaf parts, as well as their rotation and position above the ground, and the total number of parts, is determined by the coordinates of the block. Thus, all fallen leaf blocks placed in the same position will have the same appearance, and collecting a fallen leaf block and placing it somewhere else will cause it to have a different appearance.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Fallen leaves have no practical uses. However, they can be used to decorate areas. They are useful for making gardens and other outside areas seem more natural and wild.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

As of Public Beta 31, it is possible to craft fallen leaves using leaf blocks. You can't mix up tree leaves of different species, but this crafting recipe works for all species of trees.

vanilla crafting recipe

This recipe works with any kind of leaves.

Mirk-oak leaves
Mirk-oak leaves
Mirk-oak leaves
fallen Mirk-oak leaves
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