I have crossed many mountains and many rivers, and trodden many plains, even into the far countries of Rhûn and Harad where the stars are strange.

–Aragorn in The Fellowship of the Ring, The Council of Elrond

Far Harad (far south) is the collective name for the southernmost lands of Middle-earth, beyond the deserts of Near Harad, where "the Stars are strange" as Aragorn said. This is a vast region of grasslands, jungles, forests, and mountains, far larger than the familiar North-western lands.

Far Harad is home to many exotic trees and plants. Acacia and baobab trees grow in the grasslands, and mango trees can be found in the jungle biome. The rivers that run through Far Harad spawn banana trees on the shores. Many African animals spawn here, and thus Far Harad is a good place to hunt.

In Public Beta 21, Far Harad was revamped with several new climatic biomes. In later updates it got populated with two factions of the Haradrim, with more slated to be added in later updates. The first of these factions, the Morwaith, were added in Public Beta 23. The second of these factions, the Taurethrim, were added in Public Beta 25. The Cerinrim and Men of Limwaith will eventually be added, and they will dwell respectively in the Bushland and Mangrove.

Upon entering Far Harad, the player earns the achievement "Where the Stars are Strange"

Main biomes of Far Harad Edit

As the region is so vast, this page is meant to only provide an overview. More information on the main biomes, their sub-biomes and what can be encountered in them, is provided on each individual page for the biomes listed below.

Arid Grasslands Edit


Travelling south, this is the first Far Harad biome encountered. It emerges smoothly from the Near Harad Half-deserts, with patches of both sand and dirt, dry grass, and scattered stunted trees. Far Harad animals and Morwaith spawn here.

Grasslands Edit


The Far Harad Grasslands cover a vast region south of the arid grasslands. It is greener, with more grass, trees, and animals. Morwaith also live in this biome.

Forest Edit

Far harad forest

The Far Harad forest biome is a forest full of dense trees and vines. There is a large forest in the eastern part of the grasslands, but it can also appear as a random biome within the whole grasslands area.

Harad Mountains Edit

HaradMountains better

The Harad Mountains (also known as the Grey Mountains; not to be confused with the mountain range of the same name in the north of Middle-earth) are a mountain range in north-western Far Harad.

Jungle Edit

Far Harad Jungle Beta 25

The jungle is a very large biome that is found south of the grasslands. It has jungle trees and thick vegetation, similar to the vanilla jungle. The Taurethrim call this biome their home. It holds

Corsair Coasts Edit

Far harad rocky coastland

West of the Harad mountains is a long and wide rocky shore. This is the same biome that forms the cliffs of Lindon and Forodwaith.

Cloud Forest Edit

Far harad jungle

These misty forests, which grow along the eastern slopes of the Harad Mountains, are similar to the jungle, but the trees are much taller, and the undergrowth much less thick. Low fog and mist surrounds the trees, giving them a mysterious look. For travelers seeking a peaceful meditation atmosphere, this is the place for you.

Pertorogwaith Edit

2014-08-14 10.35.48

Pertorogwaith is a desolate region on the eastern coast of Far Harad, and the home of the Half-trolls.

Volcano Edit

Harad Volcano Landscape

The Far Harad volcano sub-biome is made up of stone and lava, with leafless acacia, oak, and charred trees. Circular lava pits with obsidian separating the lava from the stone spawn here. This biome also spawns within Pertorogwaith and it shows that half-trolls feel awkwardly comfortable in this biome.

Taur-na-Torogrim Edit


A 'cursed' forest in the eastern part of Far Harad Forest. It borders Pertorogwaith and is frequented by half-troll patrols.

Swampland Edit

Far harad swampland

This biome is in the western part of Far Harad. It is a moderately sized swamp, similar to other swamp regions of Middle-earth, but with Harad flora and fauna.

Mangrove Edit


This biome is situated on the eastern coast of Far Harad. It is full of swampy water holes, quagmire, crocodiles, acacia, oak, and mangrove trees. In the future, the Limwaith will inhabit this forested swamp.

Bushland Edit

Far harad bushland

The bushland is the southernmost biome of Harad and is a more dry version of the grasslands, with boulders, rotten logs, termite mounds, and shrubbery much more common. In the future, the warlike Cerinrim tribes will inhabit this arid biome.

Structures and mobs Edit

The main structures in Far Harad are those of the Morwaith, the Taurethrim and Half-trolls who respectively inhabit the northern grasslands, the central jungles and Pertorogwaith. In future updates, more factions may be added to now uninhabited regions of Far Harad. Anticipated factions are the Limwaith who will inhabit the eastern mangroves and the Cerinrim of the southern bushlands.

The fauna of Far Harad is dominated by global and tropical common animals. In a few regions some of these species are more common than others because of the specific local geography and/or the climate. Noteworthy are the Crocodiles in the swamps, the Gemsboks in the regions dominated by Half-trolls and the Birds of the jungles. Some biomes also have species unique to the area like the mosquitos of the jungles and the termites of the bushlands.

For more detailed information on structures and mobs, see the pages for each of the abovementioned biomes that can be found in each of them.

Vegetation Edit

The vegetation in Far Harads biomes is as varied as its geographies and climates. As the climate is tropical to sub-tropical, its flora is dominated by (sub-)tropical like baobab, mahogany and banana, and other common tropical vegetation.

For more detailed information on vegetation, see the pages for each of the abovementioned biomes that can be found in each of them.

Trivia Edit

In Public Beta 30 a remarkably shaped island was added to the map, south of the southern continent of Middle-earth, west of the Horn of Harad. This island bears a striking resemblance to Sicily, the island southeast of the Italian peninsula. The island has a volcano biome approximately where Mount Etna is on the real-life island of Sicily.

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