The Far Harad Grasslands is the northernmost region of Far Harad. It is a vast region of open plains, grass, and trees, and is the homeland of the Morwaith.

The Far Harad Grasslands biomes are unique in that they have an additional layer of biome variants. This is the "populated" and "unpopulated" regions that are randomly generated within the biomes.

These populated regions do not visually affect the biome, and there is no sense of a border between populated and unpopulated regions. However, populated regions are notable in that they spawn Morwaith NPCs commonly. While Morwaith can spawn in the unpopulated regions, the chances of this happening is extremely rare.

Whether a region is populated or unpopulated can be determined by checking the F3 screen. Populated regions have the tag "HaradPopulated:true", and unpopulated regions "HaradPopulated:false".

Normal regions of the grasslands have a chance to generate a unique Baobab forest variant, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Upon entering this biome, the player earns the achievement "Where the Stars are Strange".

Sub-biomes Edit

Arid Grasslands Edit


Travelling south, this is the first Far Harad biome encountered. It emerges smoothly from the Near Harad Half-deserts, with patches of both sand and dirt, dry grass, and scattered stunted trees. Far Harad animals and Morwaith spawn here (although Morwaith are much rarer than in the normal grasslands.)

Arid Hills Edit

A hillier version of Far Harad Arid Grasslands.

Forest Edit

Far harad forest

The Far Harad forest biome is a forest full of acacia trees, gnarled oak trees, rotten logs, and baobab trees, many of which have vines hanging off. Birds spawn here frequently. There is a large forest in the eastern part of the grasslands, but forests can also appear as random biomes within the whole grasslands area. There is also a "clearing" variant of this biome.

In the eastern part, bordering Pertorogwaith, there is a part of the forest has changed after the Half-trolls overran the Taurethrim city Kimen Kâh. That part is known as Taur-na-Torogrim, and not described here.

Another forest in the east, south of the mangrove swamps, is called Kanuka Forest, and also described on its own page.

Corsair Coasts Edit


In some areas where the grasslands meet the sea to the west of Far Harad, the sea carves out some rough edges. These inhospitable shores offer safe hideouts for Corsairs of Umbar. This area is described in more detail on its dedicated page: Corsair Coasts.

Variants Edit

  • Flowers - A version of the biome with an abundance of flowers.
  • Baobab grasslands - A version of the biome covered with baobab trees.
  • Forest - A more forested version of the biome.
  • Steppe - A very flat version of the biome.
  • Barren steppe - A steppe, but with no trees. Structures generate here very commonly.
  • Hills - A hillier version of the biome.
  • Mountain - A mountain that rises from the surrounding terrain.
  • Light forest - A lightly forested version of the biome.
  • Scrubland - Scrublands are typically areas with very poor, sandy and/or rocky soil. This results in very little tree growth and the vegetation is dominated by low growing scrubs (stunted trees / shrubbs) and bushes.
  • Oak scrubland - Scrublands with greener grass, dominated by stunted oak trees.
  • Scrubland Hills - The scrubland hills are a hilly type of scrubland.
  • Wasteland - Wasteland is a very barren biome and can vast stretches of the terrain consist of barren rock. The soil is generally very poor and vegetation is sparse. The landscape can both consist of flat plains and rolling hills.

Structures Edit

Far Harad is home to the Morwaith structures. Stone ruins are all that remain here of the dominion of other empires.

Mobs Edit

The grasslands of Far Harad are home to the Morwaith.

  • Morwaith - Members of a fierce tribe of Men that worship the Great Lion. They spawn in populated regions of the grasslands and very rarely in the unpopulated and Arid regions.
  • Morwaith Warrior - Warriors of the Morwaith who spawn in the grasslands and in hunter camps.
  • Morwaith Huntsman - Traders who sell hunting supplies. Found in Morwaith trading huts instead of the hutmaker.
  • Morwaith Hutmaker - Traders who sell blocks. Found in Morwaith trading huts instead of the huntsman.
  • Morwaith Chieftain - Chieftains from who you can hire Morwaith. Found in Morwaith chieftain huts.
  • Crocodile - Hostile mobs who live in the water and can also be on land. They are ferocious beasts. In daylight, they are quite slow, but a night, they are fast. They can swim faster than the player.
  • Dik-diks - Small, passive mobs, that flee the player on sight.
  • Flamingo - Large, passive birds that live in Far Harad.
  • Gemsbok - Passive antelope like mobs. Their hide makes very nice looking armour.
  • Giraffe - Passive mobs native to Far Harad.
  • Lion - Lions are dangerous hunters. They are neutral (they only fight back, if you attack.)
  • Lioness - Female lions.
  • Rhino - Rideable mobs that can charge into battle. They are neutral.
  • Zebra - Rideable mobs found in Far Harad. They are very similar to horses.


The grasslands are sparsely wooded, with the exception of the forests, which have a greater tree coverage. Like the vanilla version of this biome, Acacia trees generate here; but unlike the vanilla biome, they are joined by Baobabs.


Far Harad GrasslandsEdit

Far Harad ForestEdit

Far Harad Arid GrasslandsEdit

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