Far Harad jungle is a multitude of biomes located within the region of Far Harad, which is densely forested with tropical trees and bushes (including the mango, mahogany, jungle, and banana trees) and is supplied with water by some rivers flowing out into the Great Sea. The jungles are also the homeland of the Taurethrim. Similarly to the Far Harad Cloud Forest and the Fangorn forest, the Far Harad jungle has a jade green tint to the sky.

The jungles cover primarily consist of jungle and mahogany trees. It was reworked upon majorly during the Public Beta 25 update. Instead of grass in this biome, mud and jungle grass can be found here. Large lakes full of reeds can be seen here, along with the occasional patch of obsidian gravel, which can be ground into shards. Butterflies and birds have their special variants here. More recently, Update 34 included the addition of Far Harad jungle mountains, a volcanic range of forested peaks and the occasional pyramid.

Upon entering the jungle, the player earns the achievement "Jungle Mysteries".

Sub-biomes Edit

Far Harad Jungle Edge Edit

The Far Harad jungle edge surrounds the main jungle biome and is a transition biome between the jungle and the savannah. This biome has fewer trees and more shrubs, a normal sky colour, and does not spawn jungle mud. It is likely that this region is a result of the desecration of the Morwaith.

Taurethrim Clearing Edit

Tauredain clearing

A Taurethrim clearing.

The Taurethrim have cleared relatively flat patches of jungle land for their villages and herds. This is the only place where their villages can be found. Many Taurethrim villagers do their daily business here. As warriors and blowgunners guard these lands they are free from Morwaith invasions.

Harad Jungle Mountains Edit

These mountains rise up from the heart of the jungle, covered in trees. Taurethrim pyramids and volcanoes occasionally make appearances here.

Far Harad Jungle River Edit

These biomes replace the normal river biome in the Far Harad jungle. They have a more blue-green colour on the world map.

Far Harad Jungle Lake Edit

Like the rivers, these biomes are generated in the jungle instead of normal lakes. Also akin to the rivers, colour of the lakes is much more aquamarine than say, a lake in Eriador.

Variants Edit

Dense-Forest Tauredain Jungle

The dense forest.

  • Flowers - A version of the biome with an abundance of flowers.
  • Mountain - A mountain that rises from the surrounding terrain.
  • Light forest - A lightly forested version of the biome.
  • Dense forest - A densely forested version of the biome.
  • Forest clearing - A clearing in the surrounding forest.
  • Forest hills - A forested version of the hill variant.
  • Shrubland - A version of the biome covered with small shrubs.
  • Dense jungle - A jungle-exclusive variant which generates enormous jungle- and mahogany trees of a similar appearance to the trees in Fangorn forest.

Structures Edit

The following structures generate in the jungle, alongside various piles of stone bricks.

  • Taurethrim village - Villages that generate in the jungle. They are centered around chieftain temples (which contain chieftains and trophies of war), alongside many houses (home to villagers), some farms (one of which contains a farmer), watchtowers (from which blowgunners protect the village), and one stilt house (which is home to the shaman).
  • Taurethrim pyramids - These large pyramids occasionally spawn in the jungle, and serve as monuments to the ancient Taurethrim Empire. These temples are actually huge dungeons with a lot of precious loot.
  • Stone ruins - Taurethrim brick remnants of the glory of the empire that once ruled these lands.

Mobs Edit

This sub-biome contains less mobs than the normal Far Harad biome, but has other mobs exclusive to it.

  • Butterfly - Small passive mobs, that flutter around and can be caught in a jar. The exotic types can only be found in the jungle.
  • Crocodile - Hostile mobs who live in the water and can also be on land. They are ferocious beasts, and while on land they are slow, they can swim faster than the player.
  • Flamingo - Large, passive birds that live in Far Harad.
  • Birds - A special set of birds, that can oly be found in Far Harad.
  • Jungle scorpion - Hostile mobs similar to desert scorpions, except they spawn in the Far Harad jungle and are larger.
  • Midges - Annoying bugs with two health that swarm the player.
  • Taurethrim Pyramid Wraith - Hostile wraiths that spawn when chests are opened in pyramids.
  • Taurethrim - The NPC of the jungle, Taurethrim have 20 health and attack Sauron's followers. They wear face paint.
  • Taurethrim warrior - Fierce and mighty armour-wearing versions of the Taurethrim.
  • Taurethrim blowgunner - Fierce snipers of the jungle. They rarely use poisoned darts.
  • Taurethrim farmer - These NPC hiring units sell you Taurethrim farmhands. They will also trade food with you.
  • Taurethrim shaman - These NPC traders sell jungle remedies and blowguns.
  • Taurethrim chieftain - NPC hiring units for buying Taurethrim warriors.

Ocelots do not spawn in the Far Harad jungle.

Mining Edit

The jungle biome contains all the normal ores, but gold and amber are more common underground here. In addition, clusters of obsidian gravel can be found occasionally.

Vegetation Edit


The Far Harad dense jungle at sunset.

This biome is covered in vegetation. jungle trees, large jungle trees, and bushes (including berry bushes) are common. Mango trees grow here, and banana trees are found alongside rivers. Cocoa pods can be found on the jungle trees and melons grow on the ground. Mahogany trees are a frequent sight, sometimes more frequent than jungle trees themselves! In addition, jungle sprouts can be frequently found clustered atop the lush jungle mud.

Trivia Edit

  • Until Update 34 there was only one, larger jungle region, and it reached all the way down to the horn of Harad, however the jungle was cut into two parts and some Far Harad swampland was added to take up the newly formed gap, in addition, the southernmost stretch of the jungle was replaced with Far Harad bushland.
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