Far Harad Volcano is a biome that can be found in patches deep within Far Harad. They are mountainous regions of barren dirt and stone, with dead, charred trees, lavafalls, and plenty of volcanic craters. The sky is darkened by the clouds of smoke constantly generated by the volcanoes, and any waters that can be found here are blackened with ash. Nothing lives in this biome, due to its inhospitable nature.

Unlike most biomes, the volcano biome spawns in dozens of small patches in several different areas of the map. At the heart of the Far Harad Grasslands is a chain of volcanoes known to the local Morwaith as the Gates of Fire, which hold great religious significance for local tribes. There are a number of volcanic islands off the coast of Harad, especially south of Pertorogwaith and as part of a certain island off the coast of the Horn of Harad. Several patches of volcanoes are scattered throughout Pertorogwaith, and smaller patches can randomly generate within the biome as well, similar to sub-biomes in other regions.

Upon entering a Far Harad Volcano biome, the player earns the achievement "Fires of the South".

Structures Edit

As the volcanoes in this region are active and none of the locals are insane enough to build among active volcanoes, there are no structures in this biome. Volcanic craters, however, can be found frequently, which are good sources of obsidian and obsidian gravel, as well as lava.

Mobs Edit

This biome is almost entirely deserted, but the occasional Grey Demon appears here from time to time.

  • Half-troll - Vicious, inhuman savages that look like a mix of Men and Trolls. They are larger than the player and have dark skin, animal-like tusks and horns, and are without weapons or armour, wearing only minimal, raggedy clothes.
  • Half-troll Warrior - Half-trolls equipped with Half-troll Equipment and wearing armour. They may spawn riding Rhinos.

Mining Edit

This biome is almost completely composed of stone and dirt, and thus it's good for mining, as ores like Tin, Copper and Coal are often exposed on the surface. Obsidian Gravel can also be found here, especially in volcanic craters, which are also plentiful sources of obsidian, which can be useful for certain players.

Vegetation Edit

Any vegetation that was formerly present on the volcanoes has long since been burned away. The only hints of any sort of life here are scattered patches of dead and charred trees.

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