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The Far Haradrim are the Men of Far Harad, some of whom will be added into the mod in a future update while some have already been added.

Since Far Harad is a very vast region, there will be several different factions within the Far Haradrim, inhabiting different parts of Far Harad. Not all will be allied with Mordor.

Far Harad


The Far Haradrim are from the most southern area in Middle-earth, called Far Harad, a land that has many diverse environments including mangrove swamps, savannahs and jungles. In this last area the giant mûmakil or oliphaunts (As dubbed by The Shire-folk and most Bree-Hobbits) are found. Some of the Far Haradrim and their mûmakil were used by Sauron in the War of the Ring.



The Half-trolls reside in Perdorogwaith and are very brutish and hostile towards enemy players. In fact, their mannerisms and culture in general are significantly less refined than that of most other factions, as a result of their unnatural origin and their brutish nature. They were added in Public Beta 22.

Morwaith []

The Morwaith roam the northern grasslands of Far Harad and are allies of Mordor and the Near Haradrim. They were added in Public Beta 23.

Taurethrim []

The Taurethrim inhabit the jungles of Far Harad. A once mighty empire and enemies of the Morwaith (as well as Umbar, Perdorogwaith, Near Harad, and, as a consequence, Mordor), the Taurethrim first found the mûmakil. They were added in Public Beta 25.

Note that the following two tribes are planned, but not actually existent yet.

Limwaith []

The Limwaith are fishermen who dwell in the mangrove swamps. They are warlike and enemies of the Taurethrim. It is not known when they will be added.

Cerinrim []

The Cerinrim are the most warlike of all the Far Harad tribes and roam the coastal bushlands. They are enemies of Mordor. It is not known when they will be added.