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'Farm animals' refers to the animals that spawn in vanilla Minecraft:

Farm animals,

The mobs that fall under this category are cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens. They are known as the 'Vanilla Minecraft passive (livestock) animals'. They originally spawned throughout most fertile biomes in Middle-earth, but are gradually being replaced by dedicated mod animals.

As of Public Beta 28 there are only 4 biomes in which all these vanilla animals spawn: the Shire, Breeland, Dorwinion and the Pelennor Fields. Most other biomes have deer and aurochs instead of cows and boars instead of pigs.

Spawning Edit

The mod uses two sets of 'common animals' for the temperate biomes to replace the above mentioned vanilla set with cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. The sets used in the mod are:

These sets are used as default common animals in most temperate biomes, with the exception of desolate biomes such as Mordor, Angmar and the Dead Marshes. There are more exceptions, like Far Harad, where a number of unique passive animals dominate the fauna.

The domesticated animal set is only used for the Shire, Breeland, Dorwinion and the Pelennor Fields. Rohan is the only biome that has an abundance of cows, next to the animals of the non-domesticated set.

These passive animals spawn most often in small herds of four animals.

Behaviour Edit

Farm animals' behaviour is essentially that of any classic Minecraft mob, they wander around aimlessly doing various different things. Sheep will occasionally graze on grass and remove the grass layer from a dirt block; cows will behave similarly and when provoked will run around in circles at an alarming pace; chickens waddle around and will occasionally wander into ponds and water sources, when provoked the chickens will scamper away flapping their wings. It is important to note that when chicken are pushed off a high cliff, they will float down slowly due to their flapping wings.

What's going to happen to these Mobs in the mods future? Edit

Mevans, the Mod's creator, has announced that eventually all vanilla farm animals will be replaced by wilder variants, more fitting to the mod's theme and environments. As of Public Beta 27 a number of passive animals have been added like wild boar, deer, elk and rabbits. Also birds were added to inhabit almost any biome and savannah animals in the southlands of Near Harad and Far Harad.

Mevans may eventually introduce rams instead of sheep, which may also be used as a mount for the Dwarves.

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