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Two messages about an invitation to join a fellowship.

Fellowships are one of the many gameplay mechanics added by the Lord of the Rings Mod. They are a way for groups of players to band together to accomplish a common goal. This mechanics was added in Public Beta 32.

Joining a Fellowship[]

The fellowships menu screen.

There are a few ways to join a fellowship. One of them is to create your own by heading over to the Middle-Earth menu (the default key is "L"), tabbing over to "Fellowships", and clicking the button labelled "Create a Fellowship". On this screen, you'll also see a list of all the fellowships currently on that server.

If you don't want to create your own fellowship, you can join one in two ways. One of them is by looking at the aforementioned list of fellowships and apply to join a fellowship by clicking on the fellowship's name, then clicking "Join Fellowship". Alternatively, you can be invited by a player to join their fellowship. If this happens, you will know because you'll get a notification in the top right corner, as well as a line in the chat. To join the fellowship, head over to "Invitations" and click on the button labelled "Join Fellowship".

Fellowship mechanics[]

Direship fellowship page on Isildur's Bane.

When you're inside the fellowship and you click on that fellowship's name, you will see a list of all the players currently in that fellowship, as well as their titles. The leader of the Fellowship is indicated by the small crown symbol to the right of their name. On that screen, you can enable or disable PvP if you are the leader. At any time, you can hit "Leave Fellowship" if you don't wish to be part of that fellowship anymore.

Fellowship benefits[]

When inside a fellowship, you'll enjoy a number of benefits. For example, banners can be set to use "fellowship protection" which means that all players part of that fellowship can build. You can also share custom fast travel waypoints, and use private fellowship chat. The waypoints shared by members will be different colors on the map, allowing you to easily find your friends' builds. PvP can also be disabled within fellowships, to keep players from accidentally hurting one another in combat.

Each player in the fellowship can also see each other's alignment, regardless of whether the player has their alignment set to shown or hidden in their options. Other players will not be able to see your alignment if it is set to hidden, however.


The commands needed for interacting with fellowships are as follows. Please note, that you need always to include the fellowship's name in quotes.

Creating a fellowship[]

This allows you to create a fellowship.

/fellowship create <Player> "<Fellowship Name>"

Fellowship options[]

This is the master fellowship command.

/fellowship option <Player> "<Fellowship Name>" <Command> <additional information>

Suitable commands are:

invite, add, remove, transfer, disband, rename, icon, pvp, hired-ff

Fellowship messaging[]

This allows you to communicate with fellow members. It sends a message to all members of the fellowship. You can replace /fmsg by /fchat in each example below.

/fmsg "<Fellowship Name>" <message>

This is for setting your default fellowship when you hit /fmsg, so you don't have to type in your fellowship name every time.

/fmsg bind "<Fellowship Name>"

This allows you to reset your default fellowship.

/fmsg unbind


Here is an example how to use the commands:

The tale of a ring ...
/fellowship create Bilbo "The Baggins Family"
The fellowship "The Baggins Family" will be created for Bilbo.
/fellowship option Bilbo "The Baggins Family" add Frodo
Frodo is added to the fellowship.
/fellowship option Bilbo "The Baggins Family"
 rename "Baggins Family and Friends"
The fellowship is renamed.
/fellowship option Bilbo "Baggins Family and Friends"
 add Pippin
Pippin is added to the fellowship.
/fmsg bind "Baggins Family and Friends"
Bilbo binds his messages to the fellowship.
/fmsg I will invite Merry as well ...
All fellows will get the message.
/fellowship option Bilbo "Baggins Family and Friends"
 invite Merry
Merry gets the invitation and is able to join.
/fellowship option Bilbo "Baggins Family and Friends"
 transfer Frodo
Bilbo transfers the leadership to Frodo.
/fellowship option Frodo "Baggins Family and Friends"
 rename "The Fellowship of the Ring"
Frodo renames the fellowship again.
/fellowship option Frodo "The Fellowship of the Ring"
 pvp allow
Frodo allows fights between his fellows.
/fellowship option Frodo "The Fellowship of the Ring"
 hired-ff prevent
Frodo wants no friendly fire between hired companions.
/fellowship option Frodo "The Fellowship of the Ring"
 remove Bilbo
Frodo kicks Bilbo out.
FellowshipExample.png Now the fellowship has 3 members and the quest has started.
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