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But when he put his long webby foot in the water, a fish jumped out in a fright and fell on Bilbo’s toes.

The Hobbit, Riddles in the Dark

Fish are a mob found in the realm of Middle-earth, that are known to be Gollum's favourite food.


As they spawn in nearly any biome that has water in it, they are categorised as global common animals. They appear in groups of 4 individuals and have the same spawn rate as birds, but in bodies of water, of course.

They occur in great variety of colours. The variants occur with the same distribution as the base edible fish variants from vanilla minecraft: standard fish (cod), salmon and clownfish. There are currently 6 different skins for fish.


Fish swim around their body of water randomly most of the time. They cannot be caught with a vanilla fishing rod, and essentially ignore it. If they are not in water, they will attempt to get to the nearest body of water, if they cannot make it, they will suffocate.


Fish will drop their own dead bodies as an item when beaten or stabbed to death, which may be eaten raw or cooked. These can be either raw fish (cod), raw salmon or clownfish. The drops match the appearance of the fish mobs.


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