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Fixed-mountains and hills are mountains or hills that will always spawn in the same location, on every world. Their purpose is mainly to help players build major structures in survival, as building a massive mountain can be quite time consuming. They are usually found at, or near their corresponding waypoints.

List of Fixed Hills and Mountains.

These mountains are found at named waypoints, unless otherwise noted.

List of Fixed Mountains & Hills
Name Biome Location
Aldburg Rohan Aldburg
Amon Din Gondor Amon Din
Amon Hen Emyn Muil Amon Hen
Amon Lhaw Emyn Muil Amon Lhaw
Bag Hill Shire Hobbiton
Belegost Blue Mountains Belegost
Bree Breeland Bree
Caradhras Misty Mountains Mount Caradhras
Calenhad Gondor Calenhad
Caras Galadhon Lothlórien Caras Galadhon
Carn Dum Angmar Carn Dum
Cerin Amroth Lothlórien Cerin Amroth
Dol Amroth Dor-en-Ernil Dol Amroth
Dol Guldur Dol Guldur Dol Guldur
Eagles Eyrie Misty Mountains Eagles Eyrie
East Peak Iron Hills East Peak
Edoras Rohan Edoras
Eilenach Gondor Eilenach
Erebor Erebor Erebor
Erech Gondor Erech
Erelas Gondor Erelas
Halifirien Gondor Halifirien
Mindolluin Gondor Mindolluin
Minrimmon Gondor Min-Rimmon
Mt. Celebdil Misty Mountains Mount Celebdil
Mt. Doom Mordor North of Mount Doom waypoint
Mt. Fanuidhol Misty Mountains Mount Fanuidhol
Mt. Gram Misty Mountains Mount Gram
Mt. Gundabad Misty Mountains Mount Gundabad
Mt. Methedras Misty Mountains Mount Methedras
Nardol Gondor Nardol
Nogrod Blue Mountains Nogrod
Tomb of Elendil Gondor Secret...
Treebeard's Hill Fangorn Treebeard Hill
Weathertop Lone-Lands North of Weathertop waypoint
West Peak Iron Hills West Peak


  • The Lonely Mountain was the first ever fixed mountain, and the fourth ever fixed structure (excluding roads) to be added to the mod.
  • Mount Doom (the second fixed mountain to be added to the mod,) is unique in that it actually has a crater filled with lava.
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