The Flame of Udûn is a special drop from the Balrogs of Utumno.


Upon death, Balrogs will always drop one Flame of Udûn, though it may drop up to four, if your weapon has a looting-type modifier.


Using an anvil, it can be applied to your weapon to add the infernal modifier, which lights targets on fire. It's an especially powerful modifier when fighting heavily armoured foes. It is also the required material to repair Balrog whips.

Balrog  The Armies of Utumno  Melkor Plate

(Located under Forodwaith, after walking through the Pits)


First Floor: Ice SpiderOrc (Archer) • Warg (Ice)
Second Floor: Orc (Archer) • Tormented ElfTrollWarg (Obsidian)
Third Floor: BalrogOrc (Archer) • Tormented ElfTrollWarg (Fire)

Armour & Equipment:

ArmourBalrog WhipEquipmentPickaxe of the Underworld


First Floor: Ice Brick (Glowing) • Ice Pillar
Second Floor: Obsidian Brick (Fiery) • Obsidian Pillar
Third Floor: Fire Brick (Burning)• Fire Pillar


KeyMelkor PlateFlame of UdûnChill of Daedelos

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