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Harad improvements17:32, May 13, 2015Thorin11
Suggestion for Hired Dwarven Miners05:16, October 8, 2014Areades
Stronger Ents and Huorns18:14, October 7, 2014Elessar5115
Sand02:37, October 7, 2014Willonething
ICE TROLLS23:30, October 6, 2014Commandogregor1234
Beacons of gondor23:24, October 6, 2014Willonething
Biome improvements17:04, October 6, 2014Gen. Grievous1138
Road placement15:45, October 6, 2014213.120.234.109
Mithril Mail09:50, October 5, 2014Henellia
Improvements two.16:02, October 4, 2014Gen. Grievous1138
1.8 changes06:27, October 4, 2014Areades
Weapons & Other Suggestions03:12, October 4, 2014124.197.47.147
List Of Suggestions03:09, October 4, 2014124.197.47.147
A few improvements20:01, October 3, 2014Gen. Grievous1138
WorldEdit compatibility00:27, October 3, 2014124.197.47.147
Mountain Rams!00:09, October 3, 201450.83.35.189
Gandalf Ban tag23:47, October 2, 2014Commandogregor1234
Suggestions (4)02:26, October 2, 201450.83.35.189
Special armor types01:17, October 2, 201469.63.87.14
Dwarven improvements.23:54, October 1, 2014Commandogregor1234
Forodwaith improvements23:33, October 1, 2014Commandogregor1234
Update plan21:36, October 1, 2014124.197.47.147
Mordor05:17, October 1, 2014Areades
Inns and transport11:51, September 30, 2014Glflegolas
Structures plus02:26, September 30, 2014Areades
Mordor Roads11:16, September 29, 2014Gen. Grievous1138
More mobs and structures17:05, September 28, 2014Gen. Grievous1138
Near Harad Sub -biomes13:34, September 28, 2014Sinthorion
Lances10:39, September 28, 2014Glflegolas
Different world generations21:42, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Soybeans21:28, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Builder21:26, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Canvas21:21, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Morgoth21:19, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Some suggestions21:04, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Middle Earth Dimension or bonus chest.20:47, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Yellow Mountains20:15, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Bismuth Bronze19:55, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Throw able knives19:52, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Some More Suggestions19:30, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Suggestions (3)19:10, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Beornings19:05, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Suggestions (part 2)19:01, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
A few suggestions18:52, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Farmer problems18:38, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Maces18:01, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Beacons17:57, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Community Builds Server17:54, September 27, 2014Gen. Grievous1138
Farmers17:54, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Bombardier forced bomb usage17:51, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Corn17:49, September 27, 2014Sinthorion
Goblins23:37, September 22, 2014Gen. Grievous1138
Horn of Gondor03:50, September 12, 2014Henellia
Wood-Men13:52, September 11, 2014Sinthorion
Erebor!!11:01, September 11, 2014Gen. Grievous1138
Suggestions18:35, September 10, 2014Glflegolas
Roads10:44, September 9, 2014Gen. Grievous1138
Orcrist and Similar Weapons02:51, September 9, 2014Quipp
Villages10:53, September 7, 2014Gen. Grievous1138
Moria orcs04:44, September 5, 2014Quipp
Mumakil13:37, September 1, 2014Sinthorion
Lord Of The Ring Books09:26, August 29, 201488.167.188.17
Forums: Index > Suggestions > Suggestions

Hello there, and welcome to the Suggestons Forum! Due to the growing number of people who have posted suggestons on the wiki and not on the Facebook Page, where they belong, this forum has been created. Post any suggestions you have here, and I will either answer them or bring them to Mevans. Since Mevans will see some of these, please sign your posts with four tildes (~) so that you can be credited. Thank you, and have a nice day. Gen. Grievous1138 (talk) 13:32, August 18, 2014 (UTC)

Additional Note: Please check if your idea (or a similar idea) was already suggested before. Sinthoniel (talk) 13:55, August 18, 2014 (UTC)


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