For the Lord of the Galadhrim is accounted the wisest of the Elves of Middle-earth, and a giver of gifts beyond the power of kings.

The Fellowship of the Ring, The Mirror of Galadriel

The Galadhrim Lord spawns naturally in grand Elven treehouses, in the woods of Lothlórien. They are recognizable by the cloak they wear and the coin in their hand. They also are clad in Galadhrim armor, though they do not wear the helm.

From these lords, the player is able to hire Galadhrim troops. Doing so will give the player the achievement "Lórien's Finest".


Galadhrim lords will wander around the grand treehouses in which they spawn.

Like all unit hiring NPCs, they will not attack any mob or NPC until provoked, regardless of alignment. Should they be provoked, they will fight back with a Galadhrim sword.


Galadhrim lords will give the player the ability to command the forces of Lothlórien for a small bit of silver coins, provided that the player has the necessary alignment and has pledged to an Elven faction. Note that only pledging to Lothlórien will halve the price of its units.

Unit Unpledged or Pledged to Other Elven Faction Cost (Silver Coins) Pledged to Lothlórien Cost (Silver Coins) Alignment Required (Lothlórien) Requires Pledge (Any Elf)
Galadhrim Elves 30-60 (3coinX to 6coinX) 15-30 (1coinX5coinI to 3coinX) +300 No
Galadhrim Warden 40-80 (4coinX to 8coinX) 20-40 (2coinX to 4coinX) +350 Yes
Galadhrim Warrior 50-100 (5coinX to 1coinC) 25-50 (2coinX5coinI to 5coinX) +400 Yes
Galadhrim Cavalry 70-140 (7coinX to 1coinC4coinX) 35-70 (3coinX5coinI to 7coinX) +500 Yes
Galadhrim Banner Bearer 70-140 (7coinX to 1coinC4coinX) 35-70 (3coinX5coinI to 7coinX) +550 Yes



  • I have many fine warriors for hire, Person.
  • Do you seek to command the forces of Lothlórien?
  • Have you any silver coins, Person?
  • If you fight for a noble cause, then my forces will support you.
  • Even our Elven warriors require payment, Person.
  • There are few in Middle-earth who can match the prowess of an Elf in battle.
  • You seek to form an alliance with the Elves? Such a thing is rare indeed since the changing of the world.
  • May the Valar watch over you in battle.
  • May your arrows fly far and your sword cut swiftly!
  • It has been a very long time since Elf and Man have fought together.
  • Elves do not go idly to war. But these are dark times, Person.
  • You have not seen true swordsmanship until you have fought with an Elf in battle.
  • If you truly fight for the good in this world, my Elves will follow you into battle.
  • I grant you the finest warriors in all of Lórien!


  • Can we trust you, Person?
  • If you wish to lead my Elves into battle, you must increase your standing among our people.
  • Only the greatest of Elf-friends may fight alongside us in battle.
  • No Elf would follow one as young in deeds as you into war, Person.
  • Prove beyond doubt your allegiance to the Elves, Person, and we will fight with you.
  • We Elves do not go idly to war, Person.
  • You, Person, would seek to command my warriors? By the Valar! Does the arrogance of Men know no end?
  • We Elves are skilful and valiant warriors. Do you have what it takes to lead us into battle?
  • We Elves do not yet trust you enough to follow you to war. Prove yourself to my kin!
  • It takes great leadership to command an army of Elves. No ordinary Man can achieve that. Are you an ordinary Man?


  • By Elbereth, I swear I shall see you slain!
  • You are not welcome in Lórien!
  • You are not welcome in Lórien, Person!
  • You may not set foot in Lothlórien!
  • Flee these lands, Person!
  • For Lothlórien!
  • Perish, you Morgul-demon!
  • No longer shall you darken these lands, Person!
  • I swear by the Valar, I shall put an end to your evil!
  • To Udûn with you!
  • Go and kiss an Orc!
  • Death to the foes of the Elves!
  • Who brings to us this token of doom?
  • Begone, foul servant of the Enemy!
  • Leave this land, or face the edge of our blades!
  • I will not allow evil to corrupt the land of Lórien. You shall soon meet your doom, Person.
  • By the Valar! How dare you enter this land, Person?
  • Flee, scum of Mordor, or face a rain of arrows!
  • How dare you poison this fair realm with your foul feet?
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