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The Galadhrim smith is a trader found in the smithies of Lothlórien.


Similarly to most trading NPCs, Galadhrim smiths will mind their own business and will not attack the player unless provoked, regardless of alignment. If they are provoked, however, they will defend themselves using a sword.


Once your alignment is 100 or higher with the Galadhrim, the smith will consider trading with you. They sell the equipment and armour of the Galadhrim and will buy mithril nuggets; string; lava buckets; various ores, gems, and ingots; mallorn sticks; and coal - the more valuable the material, the more they'll pay you for it.

Upon trading with a Galadhrim smith, the player will earn the achievement "At the Golden Forge".

Items Sold[]

Below is a table of values for each item that the player may purchase from this NPC. Use this table to find out if your smith is giving you a good deal or not. Each smith will not have every item listed for sale.

Items Sold Price Range Image
Galadhrim Crafting Table 30-50 ( 30  to  50 ) Galadhrim Crafting Table.png
Galadhrim Sword 14-23 ( 14  14  to  23  23 ) SwordElven.png
Galadhrim Dagger 11-18 ( 11  11  to  18  18 ) DaggerElven.png
Galadhrim Spear 14-23 ( 14  14  to  23  23 ) SpearElven.png
Galadhrim Battlestaff 14-23 ( 14  14  to  23  23 ) PolearmElven.png
Galadhrim Longspear 14-23 ( 14  14  to  23  23 ) LongspearElven.png
Galadhrim Axe 11-19 ( 11  11  to  19  19 ) AxeElven.png
Galadhrim Pickaxe 11-19 ( 11  11  to  19  19 ) PickaxeElven.png
Galadhrim Shovel 9-15 ( 9  to  15  15 ) ShovelElven.png
Galadhrim Helmet 14-23 ( 14  14  to  23  23 ) HelmetElven.png
Galadhrim Chestplate 19-31 ( 19  19  to  31  31 ) BodyElven.png
Galadhrim Leggings 17-28 ( 17  17  to  28  28 ) LegsElven.png
Galadhrim Boots 12-20 ( 12  12  to  20 ) BootsElven.png
Galadhrim Horse Armour 19-31 ( 19  19  to  31  31 ) HorseArmorGaladhrim.png
Galadhrim Bow 15-25 ( 15  15  to  25  25 ) ElvenBow.png
Arrow (x4) 2-4 ( 2  to  4 ) Arrow.png

Items Bought[]

Below is a table of values for each item that the player may sell to this NPC. Use this table to find out if your smith is giving you a good deal or not. Each smith will not have every item listed to buy.

Items Bought Price Range Image
Iron Ore 4-6 ( 4  to  6 ) IronOre.png
Gold Ore 11-19 ( 11  11  to  19  19 ) GoldOre.png
Copper Ore 4-6 ( 4  to  6 ) CopperOre.png
Tin Ore 4-6 ( 4  to  6 ) TinOre.png
Iron Ingot 2-4 ( 2  to  4 ) Iron Ingot.png
Elven Steel Ingot 2-4 ( 2  to  4 ) Elven Steel Ingot.png
Bronze Ingot 2-4 ( 2  to  4 ) Bronze Ingot.png
Gold Ingot 11-19 ( 11  11  to  19  19 ) Gold Ingot.png
Galvorn Ingot 3-5 ( 3  to  5 ) Galvorn Ingot.png
Diamond 19-31 ( 19  19  to  31  31 ) Diamond.png
Emerald 11-19 ( 11  11  to  19  19 ) Emerald.png
Opal 8-13 ( 8  to  13  13 ) Opal.png
Amber 8-13 ( 8  to  13  13 ) Amber.png
Amethyst 6-10 ( 6  to  10 ) Amethyst.png
Pearl 19-31 ( 19  19  to  31  31 ) Pearl.png
Coal (x2) 1-1 ( 1  to  1 ) Coal.png
Lava Bucket 12-20 ( 12  12  to  20 ) LavaBucket.png
Mallorn Stick (x8) 1-1 ( 1  to  1 ) MallornStick.png
String (x2) 1-1 ( 1  to  1 ) String.png
Mithril Nugget 30-50 ( 30  to  50 ) Mithril Nugget.png


They are also capable to reforge your weapons, armour and tools.


If a friend, this blacksmith of the Galadhrim will forge for you some of the greatest weapons one will find in Middle-earth. However, if you are foolish enough to go near to him as an enemy, you will rue the day you made a foe of the Elves of the Golden Wood.


  • Greetings, Person. What can I forge for you?
  • The smith-skill of my kin is amongst the greatest in these lands!
  • I have many mighty weapons that I can offer you!
  • No Orc-arrow may pierce the armour that I forge!
  • What do you need, mellon-nin?
  • No spawn of evil may stand against our bows and blades!
  • What can I get you, Person?
  • These are dark times, Person. The Evil has returned. We must defend our borders. It is my duty to provide my friends with weapons.
  • No Orc-blade can match the sharpness and might of my blades!
  • These times are dangerous. Many Orcs have been sighted on our borders... they must be driven away or else the Shadow shall win.
  • The foes of our kin shall tremble beneath the mighty blades that I forge!
  • Since the darkening of Hadhodrond, we have not received much new metal. We always require more.
  • The Evil has returned to Dol Guldur, and to Mordor in the east. My kin shall soon go to battle. I must prepare the weapons and armour.
  • I am always in need of more metals for my smith-work. I will reward you if you bring me some.
  • I have learnt much of the skills of forging and smithing in my thousands of years of walking in this world.


  • I do not trade with any old stranger that passes by...
  • You will have to prove your allegiance to our kin if you wish to make use of our mighty blades, Person.
  • Your presence is still young in my mind. You have not yet proven yourself to our kin.
  • Only a true Elf-friend may wield our mighty weapons!
  • A Man has not entered this wood in many a year. You will have to prove yourself to the Elves if you wish to wield our weapons.
  • The smith-skill of my kin is full of ancient lore and skill...
  • The days are growing ever darker in the world around us, but in this fair realm we shall endure.
  • If you wish to wield our mighty weapons, you will have to do more for our kin.
  • The Evil has returned.
  • You are not yet worthy enough to be entrusted with our bows and blades.
  • No evil shall dare enter the Golden Wood under the watch and protection of my kin.
  • War is brooding. I can feel it in the air. Soon, the Evil shall come to our lands.
  • You must prove yourself to our kin if you wish to trade with me.
  • These are dark times, Person. I cannot simply trust any stranger that wanders into our realm.
  • I do not give out the mighty weapons of my forge to any stranger that passes by!


  • Be gone, foul scum of Morgoth!
  • You will get nothing from me, spawn of evil.
  • How dare you enter this fair wood? Your doom shall be swift, Person.
  • I will give you nothing, scum!
  • You have no power here, servant of evil!
  • I would rather die than give you any of these weapons!
  • You will have nothing from me but your doom, Person!
  • Leave or face the wrath of my kin!
  • I will not allow you to taint my gleaming armour with your foul hands!
  • Go back to the darkness from which you spawned, scum!
  • Leave this wood or face our wrath, Person.
  • I shall not allow evil to taint this wood! Be gone!
  • Be gone or face the wrath of our kin!
  • Be gone from our lands, foul spawn of the Shadow!
  • You will meet your doom before you get any of my weapons!
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