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The branches of the mallorn-tree grew out nearly straight from the trunk, and then swept upward; but near the top the main stem divided into a crown of many boughs, and among these they found that there had been built a wooden platform, or flet as such things were called in those days: the Elves called it a talan.

The Fellowship of the Ring, Lothlórien

Galadhrim treehouses (also known as 'flets') were traditionally built by the Galadhrim elves of the Golden Wood, high up in the trees they loved. They served both as guard-posts and homes.


The treehouses spawn in the larger mellyrn of Lothlórien, several blocks below the point where the branches divide to form the crown. Each house also has a ladder leading down the tree to the ground, which is the only way to access them without building another way up yourself.


Galadhrim treehouses contain flowerpots, elven chandeliersmallorn torches, a Galadhrim bed, a box containing various elven items such as food (lembas), miruvor, arrows, mallorn weapon, and two Galadhrim crafting tables.

The Galadhrim crafting table is valuable for any player wishing to make Galadhrim items, so making use of this is worthwhile.


Every treehouse is home to a elf who will not despawn. They do not wear armour, but wield both a bow and a sword.

Grand Elven Treehouses[]

Grand elven treehouses are the home of lords, from whom you can hire the troops of Lothlórien  (provided your Lothlórien alignment is at least +250). The elves of Lothlórien are some of the most useful troops as each unit can use both a sword and a bow depending on the combat circumstances.

Instead of a ladder, grand treehouses have a large staircase leading to the ground, and also contain four Galadhrim crafting tables, elven chandeliers, and four standing banners of Lothlórien. They do not, however, unlike their smaller counterparts, spawn loot chests.


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