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They were clad in shadowy-grey, and could not be seen among the tree-stems, unless they moved suddenly.

–Lothlórien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Galadhrim Wardens are a class of Galadhrim Elves tasked with guarding the borders of the lands of Lothlórien against the forces of evil. They are clad in Galadhrim Cloaks, which make them almost invisible whilst fighting enemies and to the unfriendly eye.


Galadhrim Wardens will wander randomly around their forest home and in their tree-top houses. Galadhrim Wardens will not hesitate to attack creatures of evil using a Galadhrim Bow at long range, and they will close in for melee combat with a Galadhrim Dagger should their target come too close.

A Galadhrim Warden's reaction to you depends upon your alignment with them. Galadhrim Elves will not react well to an evil trespasser in their forest! Also be wary that harvesting Mallorn Trees with below ten positive alignment shall cause Galadhrim Wardens to attack you.


Galadhrim Wardens have spawning mechanics similar to all other mobs. In the Lothlórien biome (and its eaves), Galadhrim Wardens will spawn and despawn continuously, keeping the population of the forest at a constant level. Galadhrim Wardens will only spawn upon grass blocks. They can also rarely be found in the nearby areas of the Field of Celebrant and the Anduin (both its hills and vales, as well as the Gladden Fields).


The Wardens can be hired from a Galadhrim Lord for 80 coins. You must have at least +350 with the Galadhrim to hire them. As always, cost decreases as alignment increases and halves should the player pledge to Lothlórien.

Advantages Disadvantages
Their hiding ability is more effective than the rangers. They could even trick humans on multiplayer servers. Weak armor (you can fix this by well-equipping them)
Great Health High alignment and pledge needed
Alert the player of nearing enemies with their battlecry Once spotted, Orcs could make them an easy work
Immune to poison


Galadhrim Wardens, or Wardens of Lórien, were small groups of Galadhrim elves tasked with the protection of The Golden Wood against the forces of Moria and Dol Guldur. During the War of The Ring, Haldir and his wardens led the Fellowship through Lothlórien.


Galadhrim Wardens, on most occasions drop arrows and Elf bones when slain. Uncommonly they may also drop equipment which they are using. On rare occasions, they may also drop uncommon Elvish items such as miruvor, lembas and their armour.

Drop Rarity Quantity Image
Arrow Common 1-2 Arrow.png
Elf Bone Common 1 Elf Bone.png
Miruvor Uncommon 1 MugMiruvor.png
Lembas Uncommon 1 Lembas.png
Galadhrim Dagger Rare 1 DaggerElven.png
Galadhrim Bow Rare 1 ElvenBow.png


These fair people of the forest are wise in the Lore of old and are as ancient as the forest surrounding them! They may seem peaceful and calm but dark days have come and the elves must protect there forest and ancient trees. These elves also have a long running feud with the dwarves and orcs so it's just not smart to get in there bad side.


  • The time of the Elves is fading, but our strength is not yet gone.
  • I defend the Elves of Lothlórien.
  • Greetings, Person.
  • We defend the free peoples of Middle-earth.
  • It seems you are a friend of the Elves, Person.
  • May the grace of the Valar protect you.
  • How many Orcs have you slain today, Person?
  • The world is changing, Person... I feel it in my heart.
  • If you fight for freedom, then I am with you.
  • Long ago, an alliance existed between my people and yours. Will you honour that alliance?
  • Ever stronger grows the sway of the Enemy over our lands.
  • Welcome, Person, to the land of the Lord Celeborn and the Lady Galadriel!
  • The power of the Elves is waning in this world, but our strength is not yet gone!
  • In Lothlórien you shall find healing and peace. No evil may taint our land.


  • By Elbereth, I swear I shall see you slain!
  • You are not welcome in Lórien!
  • You are not welcome in Lórien, Person!
  • You may not set foot in Lothlórien!
  • Flee these lands, Person!
  • For Lothlórien!
  • Perish, you Morgul-demon!
  • No longer shall you darken these lands, Person!
  • I swear by the Valar, I shall put an end to your evil!
  • To Udûn with you!
  • Go and kiss an Orc!
  • Death to the foes of the Elves!
  • Who brings to us this token of doom?
  • Begone, foul servant of the Enemy!
  • Leave this land, or face the edge of our blades!
  • I will not allow evil to corrupt the land of Lórien. You shall soon meet your doom, Person.
  • By the Valar! How dare you enter this land, Person?
  • Flee, scum of Mordor, or face a rain of arrows!
  • How dare you poison this fair realm with your foul feet?


  • We Elves are among the finest warriors in all Middle-earth.
  • It has been long indeed since the races of Men and Elves fought side by side, Person.
  • Few can match the prowess of an Elf in combat.
  • The Morgul-scum shall perish by bow and blade!
  • You have our allegiance, Person.
  • I seek to defend all that is good in this world.
  • For Lothlórien!
  • May the grace of the Valar protect us in combat, Person.
  • Silver means little to an Elf, Person, but we fight for a common cause.
  • My bow shall sing with your sword, Person!
  • The bones of our foes will gleam under the Sun, Person.
  • Let us cleanse this world of the foul scum of Mordor!
  • No evil may enter Lórien under our watch.
  • The days grow dark and cold, but the light of the Elves is not yet gone!
  • I fear that the Nameless One has returned. The Shadow must be destroyed before it is too late.
  • Evil is gathering again in the fortress of Dol Guldur. It cannot be allowed to threaten our *lands.
  • In the name of all that is good, let us cleanse this world of evil!
  • We must not allow the evil of Mordor to spread!

Defending Trees

  • You may not enter Lórien, Person!
  • Do not touch the trees of the Golden Wood!
  • You are not welcome here!
  • No evil hand shall slay the trees of Lothlórien!
  • The axes of the Enemy are forbidden here!
  • The Mallorn trees shall not be felled!
  • You may not set foot in Lothlórien, Person!
  • No tree shall fall by evil hand in this wood!
  • Those who bring destruction to Lórien will be met with it themselves!
  • Evil is not allowed in these lands!
  • How dare you fell the beautiful trees of the Golden Wood? You are truly a servant of evil.
  • What evil is this? Be gone from our lands, spawn of Morgoth.
  • Foul spawn of Morgoth! You shall pay for defiling the trees of the Golden Wood.
  • You shall answer for your crimes, Person!
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