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...and he devised a metal as hard as the steel of the Dwarves, but so malleable that he could make it thin and supple; and yet it remained resistant to all blades and darts. He named it galvorn, for it was black and shining like jet, and he was clad in it whenever he went abroad.The Silmarillion

Galvorn ingots are a black alloy used to make resistant armour. The material was originally created by the Elven smith Eöl in the First Age.


heat needed
Dwarven Forge

Galvorn is made in a Dwarven forge (and no other forge) by smelting iron ore or ingots with Edhelvir in the alloy slot.


Galvorn ingots can be crafted on the , , , or to create Galvorn armour. Like other ingots, they can also be stored in a block form.
Block of Galvorn
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