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Gemsboks are antelope-like animals that spawn in Far Harad. They are brownish in colour, with white hooves and faces, and have long black horns on the backs of their heads.


Gemsboks are passive mobs, and will run away from you when you attack them instead of fighting back. You are not able to ride a Gemsbok. They make high pitches whines when you're near them. They can be bred with wheat, and like most other animals, they do not despawn.


Gemsboks can drop Gemsbok hide (Gemsbok Hide.png) and Gemsbok horns (Gemsbok Horn.png) when killed. The hide is required for making Gemsbok hide armour (HelmetGemsbok.png), Morwaith armour (HelmetMoredain.png), and Half-troll armour (HelmetHalfTroll.png). The horns can be used to make Morwaith spears (Morwaith Spear.png).


  • Gemsboks have been added from Mevans' previous mod, the Lion King mod.
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