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Gilded Iron is the primary ingredient in Golden Rhûnic armour. It is also used to craft other Easterling items.


heat needed
Alloy Forge

It can only be made by smelting iron ore (or ingots) and gold nuggets together in a alloy forge. Because it uses gold nuggets, it is considered more costly than other similar alloys.


Gilded Iron is used in order to craft golden rhûnic armour, using normal crafting patterns on the . It is also used for crafting Khamûl's fire, rhûnic fire-pots, gates, and horse armour.

For storage, it is also possible to craft Gilded Iron blocks. Due to the texture of this block, it can be an excellent accent block, provided you can afford its steep price.

Block of Gilded Iron.png
A block of Gilded Iron.
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