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Giraffes are peaceful and long-necked mobs that live in Far Harad and have been ported over from another of Mevans' projects: "The Lion King" Minecraft mod.

Taming and Breeding[]

To ride them, giraffes will need to be tamed in the same way as a horse: You can feed them any type of horse-food when untamed, to speed up the taming process. Then you get on the giraffe's back multiple times until it likes you. A giraffe equipped with a saddle (Saddle.png) used to run at breathtaking speeds across the landscape and was considered one of the fastest methods of transport in the game (apart from teleporting to waypoints and minecarts on powered rails). When running, they will duck their long necks, and they can also swim. These are one of the few animals that are regularly hunted by wild lions and crocodiles. Just like horses, giraffes are capable of jumping.

Upon riding a giraffe into the Shire biome, the player earns the achievement "Incongruous Zookeeper."

To breed a giraffe, feed it any kind of leaf block (this will also heal it). Note: you must dismount before you can breed or heal your giraffe.

Combat Considerations[]

Several majestic giraffes.

Giraffes are so tall that the player is very far off the ground, and the neck of the giraffe partially blocks the player's view, making melee combat impossible with certain weapons with a range of 100% or lower. Another disadvantage of their height is the fact that is impossible to navigate in forests. Their great height does, however, make them good for ranged combat, as it gives the rider a greater view of the terrain and a height advantage over almost all other mobs. Unfortunately, when shooting from a giraffe, most of your projectiles hit the giraffe's hitbox, unless you're sniping far-off targets.


When you are hunting giraffes, you'll get Leather.png Leather from them, and also (since Update 34) a slim chance on a GiraffeskinRug.png giraffeskin rug as a trophy for your big game hunt. Don't be afraid, giraffes are peaceful animals and won't fight back.

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