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Gandalf bore his staff, but girt at his side was the elven-sword Glamdring, the mate of Orcrist that lay now upon the breast of Thorin under the Lonely Mountain.

–The Ring Goes South, The Fellowship of the Ring

Once the sword of King Turgon of Gondolin, Glamdring is the sword used by Gandalf the Grey. Being an elvish blade, it glows with cold light when orcs are nearby. The sword has no crafting recipe and is currently unobtainable in Survival mode, being only accessable through Creative Mode.


Glamdring was once borne by Turgon, King of the Hidden City of Gondolin in the Elder Days. He wielded it with great strength in the great battles of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad and the Fall of Gondolin, and the Orcs named it "Beater" and feared it greatly.

Though Turgon died in the collapse of the Tower of the King during the Fall of Gondolin, his sword survived--likely plundered by Orcs. Over 6500 years later, it had made its way to the Trollshaws of Eriador, along with its mate Orcrist. There, it was encountered by the Company of Thorin Oakenshield, who stumbled upon it in a troll-den, and claimed by Gandalf. From then on Gandalf carried it on his travels, wielding it against the Orcs of Goblin-town, who still recognized it as "Beater" and fled before it.