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This page describes a feature from vanilla Minecraft.

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The gold ingot is a metal ingot from vanilla Minecraft used in many mechanics in the LotR Mod.

A block of gold.


In the Mod, gold may still be obtained in the regular vanilla ways, but with other additional sources including:

  • Smelting gold ore, a rare ore found in most biomes of Middle-earth (except Mordor) as long as you are deep enough underground.
  • As loot from chests in generated structures throughout Middle-earth such as barrows and ruined Dúnedain towers.
  • As a rare drop from some mobs and mystery webs (mainly gold nuggets).
  • From putting gold rings or tools in an unsmeltery.
  • They can also be bought from some traders, such as Half-troll scavengers or (as ore) [Dwarf miners.
  • It is also possible to get gold ingot from an eight-layer-pile gold treasure which can be found in Troll hoards.

You can obtain gold ingots from blocks as well.

vanilla crafting recipe
Block of Gold
Gold Ingot


Gold may be used in all the ways it is used in vanilla Minecraft (except in the case of golden apples as the recipe is removed in the Mod, although this can be added back in the config options) in addition to being used for:

The ingot itself can be made into both nuggets and blocks, like other ingots, which have more uses in the Mod. The nuggets can be made into a gold ring and gold-trimmed Dwarven armour among other things. The block can be used in conjunction with banners to protect an area of land, (65x65x65 blocks to be exact). The ingots can, in conjunction with a stick and two torches, be made into chandeliers. They also can be crafted into gold armour.

The best use for the actual ingots is their high value. They can be sold to Rohan and Gondor blacksmiths, among others, for up to 19 silver coins per ingot. Also, some travelling traders will buy gold ingots on occasion.