Gondor Archers are similar to Gondor soldiers, except that instead of using a sword or other melee weapon, they use a bow and arrows. Just like all Gondor Soldiers, they will attack evil creatures on sight, and can drop some of their worn equipment on occasion.


Gondor archers can spawn anywhere Gondor soldiers spawn, however they are slightly rarer. They cannot spawn mounted as of Public Beta 28.


Like most ranged units in the mod, Gondor archers will see foes from up to 16 blocks away, and they will walk to within 10 blocks of the offending player or NPC and start shooting at it. As with most of the mod's NPC's that use bows, they will carry their bows by their sides when idle, and raise them into a firing position when provoked.


Evil players may kill Gondorians to acquire bones. The Men may also rarely drop their equipped armour or weapons.

Drop Rarity Quantity Image
Bone Common 0-1 Bone
Arrows Rare 2 Arrow
Gondorian Bow Rare 1 GondorBow
Gondorian Helmet Rare 1 HelmetGondor
Gondorian Chestplate Rare 1 BodyGondor
Gondorian Leggings Rare 1 LegsGondor
Gondorian Boots Rare 1 BootsGondor


You can hire these units for a price of 50 silver coins from a Gondorian captain in a Gondor fortress, provided your alignment is at least 300 with Gondor. Gondor archers are relatively cheap and require less alignment than Galadhrim Elf warriors, but they still have a powerful ranged attack, making them a good choice for good players early on in the game. Additionally, unlike the aforementioned Elven warriors, they don't require a pledge to Gondor to hire.

Advantages Disadvantages
Powerful long ranged attack More expensive than Gondor Soldiers
Very effective against Olog-hai and Trolls Large numbers of Gondor Archers tend to interfere with one another
Good against Warg Riders Not particulaily good at dealing with large numbers of melee units
Stronger armour than Rohirrim Archer Cannot be mounted.



  • I long to see a king on the throne of Gondor again.
  • It is a shame that you could not have come to Gondor in happier days, [username].
  • I hope to see the glory of Gondor restored someday.
  • I am a knight of Gondor.
  • Gondor is not as great as it once was.
  • These are dark times. A great power is rising in the East.
  • We are truth-speakers, we men of Gondor.
  • Welcome to Gondor.
  • Welcome to Gondor, [username].
  • Welcome, [username]. What business brings you to Gondor?


  • For Gondor!
  • No pity for the foes of Gondor!
  • This is a fell hour for Gondor indeed!
  • Sons of Gondor! Hold your ground!
  • By the White Tree, I will see you slain!
  • You are an enemy of the throne of Gondor, [username]!
  • Your death shall be swift, [username]!
  • I swear to Gondor that your death shall be swift!
  • Enemies have entered Gondor!
  • You may go no further. You will not enter Gondor!


  • You are a true friend of Gondor, [username].
  • The foes of Gondor shall fall before us!
  • I fight for Gondor, [username].
  • Today, we fight! For Gondor!
  • For Gondor!
  • May our deeds restore Gondor to its former glory!
  • Our enemies are right to fear the might of Gondor, [username]!


  • Prior to Beta 28, Gondor Archers could spawn mounted on a horse. They cost 70 coins and 300 alignment to hire.


Gondor Shield  The Men of Gondor  Gondor Banner

NPCs: GondorianLevymanSoldier (Archer, Banner Bearer, Tower Guard)
Traders: CaptainMarket Traders
Items: Armour (Horse) • BowEquipment
Blocks: BeaconBrick (Cobble) • CasketCrafting Table
Structures: Beacon TowerFortressObeliskRuined TowerRuinsSettlementsTurretWatchfort

Blackroot Shield  The Soldiers of the Blackroot Vale  BlackrootVale Banner

NPCs: Soldier (Bowman)
Traders: Bowlord
Items: ArmourBow
Blocks: Blackroot

Dol Amroth Shield  The Knights of Dol Amroth  Dol Amroth Banner

Man-at-arms (Archer) • Swan Knight (Banner Bearer)
Traders: Captain
Items: Armour (Horse) • EquipmentSwan Feather
Blocks: BrickCrafting Table
Structures: Stable

Gondor Shield  The Rangers of Ithilien  Ithilien Banner

NPCs: Ranger of Ithilien
Traders: Captain
Items: Armour
Structures: Hideout

Lamedon Shield  The Hillmen of Lamedon  Lamedon Banner

NPCs: Warrior (Archer, Hillman)
Traders: Captain
Items: ArmourGambeson

Lebennin Shield  The Folk of Lebennin  Lebennin Banner

NPCs: Levyman
Traders: Captain
Items: Gambeson

Lossarnach Shield  The Mountaineers of Lossarnach  Lossarnach Banner

NPCs: Axeman
Traders: Captain
Items: ArmourEquipment

Pelargir Shield  The Mariners of Pelargir  Pelargir Banner

NPCs: Marine
Traders: Commander
Items: ArmourEquipment

Pinnath Gelin Shield  The Warriors of Pinnath Gelin  PinnathGelin Banner

NPCs: Soldier
Traders: Captain
Items: Armour

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