Gondor Farmhands are helpers to Gondor Farmers. They spawn naturally in Gondor villages, working away in the farm. Gondor farmhands are distinguishable by the hoe they hold in one hand. They are passive mobs, and will attempt to flee when attacked.

Hiring Edit

Gondor farmhands can be hired from Gondor Farmers for a price of 40 coins, provided that the player has at least +50 alignment with the Gondor.

Farming Edit

They work similarly to other farmhands. They will help you sow and harvest crops if you give them the seeds. For more information, please consult the farmhands page.



  • Good day, Person.
  • The crops are growing well.
  • Hello there, Person.
  • This is fertile soil.
  • These lands are good for growing things, Person.
  • Ah, if only I had an ox to speed this up...
  • There is much farming to be done.
  • Thieves! Foes! Sound the alarm - oh, it's just you, Person.
  • I'm working hard, as you can tell.
  • If I were a slave in Núrn, these crops would be growing even faster.
  • It's nice of you to talk to me. We farmhands don't get much conversation.
  • Dragging a hoe through the dirt is what I'm best at, Person.
  • There's not a whole lot to be said about farming.
  • Remember to keep hydrated!
  • And how are you today, my friend Person?
  • Is it time for a break yet?
  • Dorwinion belongs to Gondor. And don't you forget it!
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