Gondor Fortresses are large generated structures which can be found in the centre of fort-villages in the land of Gondor. They are similar to watchforts in that they contain a captain, but are much larger.

These fortresses are not common, but can make an excellent base for a player, as they contain a copious amount of loot, a captain, and are highly defensible.

They can also be part of a Gondor Fort-village.


Fortresses are built in the shape of a traditional medieval castle, in a square shape with four round towers, one at each corner. They are made mostly out of Gondor brick, with some wooden planks and beams and black Gondor brick for aesthetics.


The entrance is guarded by a Gondorian gate.


The centre of the fortress consists of an inner courtyard, with a bit of grass beside the Gondor Brick paths. Flowers spawn in this grass, and the very centre of the fortress is covered by a small pavilion, containing a chandelier.


Behind the courtyard are the barracks. These are partially made of wood, and contain five beds, one barrel of ale, two plates, and four chests. The chests in here contain various food and drink.


On the right side of the fortress is a smithy, covered by a wooden roof, containing both regular and Gondorian crafting tables, an Armour stand with a full set of armour, another chest containing military loot, an alloy forge, and a furnace.

Wall accessEdit

A staircase on the left side of the fortress allows easy access to the outer walls.


These can be entered by climbing up the walls and heading down a ladder via a trapdoor. Inside each tower is a chandelier and two chests containing Gondorian military loot.

Fiefdom VariationsEdit

The Gondor fortress comes in several varieties in accordance to the subfaction they are associated with. They all have the same architecture, but differ in the materials used in their construction.

Pelargir FortressEdit

Pelargir Fortresses can be distinguished from the regular variant by their usage white sandstone in their architecture. They are garrisoned by the Pelargir Marines. A Pelargir Commander also spawns, and will allow allied players to hire troops if the cost and alignment reuqirements are met. They are decorated with banners of both Pelargir and Lebennin.

Lossarnach FortressEdit

Lossarnach Fortresses are made largely of Gondor Cobblebrick. Unlike the other fiefdom variations, the battlements are made of wood, not rock or brick. They are manned by the Lossarnach Axemen. In addition, a Lossarnach Captain spawns here, from which allied players may hire troops. Lossarnach and regular Gondorian banners decorate the fort.

Lebennin FortressEdit

Lebennin Fortresses guard the fair lands of the five streams. They are comprised mainly of Gondor Brick and Stone Brick. Several Lebennin Levymen guard the fortress, along with a Lebennin Levymaster, from whom fighting units may be hired if one has enough money and alignment. The banners of Gondor and Lebennin fly from the fortress walls.

Pinnath Gelin FortressEdit

Pinnath Gelin Fortresses are built out of Gondor Cobblebrick, highlighted by green tiling. They are well guarded by many Pinnath Gelin Soldiers, along with a Pinnath Gelin Captain, from which allied players may hire units. Gondorian and Pinnath Gelin banners decorate the fort.

Blackroot Vale FortressEdit

Blackroot Vale Fortresses bear a strong resemblance to the regular variant, however incorporate a larger amount of cobblebrick into their architecture. They are fiercely guarded by Blackroot Vale Soldiers and Bowmen. A Blackroot Vale Bowlord is also to be found, and allied players can make use of its presence if their alignment and wealth allows them by hiring fighting units. The fort is decorated with the banners of Gondor and the Blackroot Vale.

Lamedon FortressEdit



Gondor Shield  The Men of Gondor  Gondor Banner

NPCs: GondorianLevymanSoldier (Archer, Banner Bearer, Tower Guard)
Traders: CaptainMarket Traders
Items: Armour (Horse) • BowEquipment
Blocks: BeaconBrick (Cobble) • CasketCrafting Table
Structures: Beacon TowerFortressObeliskRuined TowerRuinsSettlementsTurretWatchfort

Blackroot Shield  The Soldiers of the Blackroot Vale  BlackrootVale Banner

NPCs: Soldier (Bowman)
Traders: Bowlord
Items: ArmourBow
Blocks: Blackroot

Dol Amroth Shield  The Knights of Dol Amroth  Dol Amroth Banner

Man-at-arms (Archer) • Swan Knight (Banner Bearer)
Traders: Captain
Items: Armour (Horse) • EquipmentSwan Feather
Blocks: BrickCrafting Table
Structures: Stable

Gondor Shield  The Rangers of Ithilien  Ithilien Banner

NPCs: Ranger of Ithilien
Traders: Captain
Items: Armour
Structures: Hideout

Lamedon Shield  The Hillmen of Lamedon  Lamedon Banner

NPCs: Warrior (Archer, Hillman)
Traders: Captain
Items: ArmourGambeson

Lebennin Shield  The Folk of Lebennin  Lebennin Banner

NPCs: Levyman
Traders: Captain
Items: Gambeson

Lossarnach Shield  The Mountaineers of Lossarnach  Lossarnach Banner

NPCs: Axeman
Traders: Captain
Items: ArmourEquipment

Pelargir Shield  The Mariners of Pelargir  Pelargir Banner

NPCs: Marine
Traders: Commander
Items: ArmourEquipment

Pinnath Gelin Shield  The Warriors of Pinnath Gelin  PinnathGelin Banner

NPCs: Soldier
Traders: Captain
Items: Armour

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