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They built tombs more splendid than the houses of the living.

The Return of the King, Minas Tirith

Gondor Ruins are structures found in and around the Gondor biome (the large variants are also found in Enedwaith), formed by piles of many of the different Gondor blocks (mostly Gondor bricks, some of which are mossy and cracked ones). They are remnants of the ancient splendour of the lands of Gondor.

There is a large variant and small variant of the Gondor ruins, but only the large variants may be spawned using the spawn egg, while only the small variants can contain loot. The large variants, however, are the only type that contain a beacon of Gondor.

Burial chamber[]

The entrance to the burial chamber.

In the smaller versions of the Gondor ruins, there will sometimes be a carved Gondor brick set into the ground. By breaking that block, you can access a ladder that brings you down under the ruins.

The burial chamber.

Break the two outer slabs of Gondor rock (in the picture moved to the back) to reveal two hidden chests, a normal and a stone chest. The normal one, only contains bones and skeleton skulls, while the stone one contains more valuable items such as silver coins, pouches, weapons, or silver and gold ingots, etc. Beware, however, because when the player tries to open the stone chest, a wraith will appear.