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Gondor Ruins Wraiths are undead warriors who inhabit the chamber beneath the small variants of Gondor ruins in the land of Gondor. These undead are supposedly the dead kings and lords of Gondor.

They carry Gondorian swords and wear Gondorian armor, which is the same equipment used by Gondor soldiers.


These mobs are basically the same as Rohan barrow wraiths. The main difference is that this mob has Gondorian equipment (sword and armour except for the helmet). Killing them will not affect your alignment in any way. However, nearby Gondorians will attack you if you harm the wraith, similar to how the Rohirrim will attack those who kill their horses. The wraiths themselves though will attack any nearby players (regardless of alignment levels), other wraiths, and a variety of other creatures.

Since they are undead, they can take extra damage from smite enchantments.

As with all other wraiths (excluding Marsh Wraiths) they will actively avoid sunlight, staying under the cover of blocks even if the player they are targeting has entered the sunlight.


Upon death, the wraiths may drop bones, their equipped weapon, or equipped armor. The later two items are only dropped on rare occasions.