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This feature is present in: Legacy only.

Gondorian Renegades are soldiers of Gondor who have been swayed to the side of the Dark Lord, Sauron, and have defected from their home country. They are loyal to the Eye and to the lords of Near Harad, not the Steward of Gondor. Like many such renegades before them, they can be found in Umbar, which has long served as a haven for Gondorian outcasts.

Gondorian Renegades wear Gondorian armour or Pelargir armour, minus the helmet. They appear to wear black hoods with red and gold tassels, though this is purely cosmetic and not a part of their armour. Instead of the weapons they likely once used in Gondorian service, they now wield Umbaric weapons in combat.


Gondorian Renegades appear rarely in Umbar. They can also appear in Umbar invasions, which occur throughout Gondor and its fiefdoms west of the Anduin, as well as in Harondor.

Through conquest on behalf of Near Harad, renegades can be induced to spawn throughout Gondor: in the main Gondor biome, as well as in the Pelennor Fields, Lossarnach, Lebennin, and Dor-en-Ernil.


As with all Umbar units, these units won't attack any player with an alignment that's positive or neutral with Near Harad, as Umbar is a sub-faction of Near Harad. If the player or NPC approaching them isn't friendly with Near Harad, then the player or NPC will be attacked by the Renegade using whatever weapon in their possession.


Gondorian Renegades commonly drop bones. They have a rare chance of dropping the Gondorian armour or weapons that they are carrying upon their death.


These units cannot be hired from Umbar Captains; instead they are hired similarly to Shieldmaidens of Rohan. Instead, the player can earn a renegade's service by accepting a mini-quest from them. To access that mini-quest, a significant amount of positive alignment with Near Harad is required. The renegade's quest is usually to slay a few Gondor Soldiers. Upon claiming the reward for the quest, the renegade will swear allegiance to the player and turn into a hired unit. This also earns one the achievement "Treacherous Company."



  • I see you too are a friend of the great Eye.
  • The Lord of the Black Land shall come to rule the earth. Once I understood this, Person, the way forward was clear.
  • Hail, Person. Do you come to ally yourself with Umbar?
  • In Gondor, they speak much ill of the Haradrim. Not a word of it is true.
  • My homeland of Gondor was once a great kingdom, but today the people are weak and foolish.
  • These Southrons are sure to win the coming war. Only a fool would deny it.
  • In the service of the lords of Harad I have earned riches beyond all my dreams.
  • The Lord Sauron promised wealth and glory. What man would have refused it?
  • Umbar was a great city, once, before the Kings of Gondor let it fall into ruin.
  • The city of Umbar is the true heir to Númenor's glory, Person. Not old, foolish Gondor.
  • Umbar was once a mighty realm of Númenor. King Ar-Pharazôn himself once walked here.
  • I was once a poor soldier in the service of the White City.
  • There are many lies told about the Southrons, and about the great Lord Sauron. One must trust to one's wisdom, Person.
  • The lords of Umbar are generous, Person, as is the mighty one whom they serve.
  • Welcome to Umbar, Person. It is a most pleasant land.
  • Before I came into the service of Umbar, I was a man of Gondor... blind, and foolish, just like all the others.
  • Lord Sauron the Great is generous, Person. He will not forget his loyal servants.
  • Oh, how I wish that more of my countrymen would see the true way of the world.
  • When the war is done, we Men of Umbar shall restore the White City to its ancient glory.
  • In Gondor, they call me deserter, traitor, they curse my name. But I care not, for here I have earned treasures beyond their imagining.
  • The lords of Gondor fear the might of the South - and with good cause.
  • The lords of Gondor have put a hefty price upon my head.
  • It is in Umbar that the true legacy of Númenor continues.


  • Away from me, you rogue!
  • Begone, enemy of the South!
  • You are no match for the might of Umbar!
  • Run back to Gondor, you coward!
  • Did they send you after me? Then they are greater fools than I knew!
  • You still fight for Gondor? You poor fool, Person!
  • Only a coward of Gondor would be so foolish!
  • I shall smite you where you stand!
  • Fear the wrath of Lord Sauron!
  • Unwise, most unwise to come here, Person!


  • Let us fight together for Umbar, Person.
  • For Umbar! For the true heir of Númenor!
  • The Men of Gondor are weak.
  • Together we shall serve great Lord Sauron.
  • We have nothing to fear from Gondor.
  • For Númenor!


Gondorian renegades were originally intended to spawn naturally, though rarely, in Umbar. However, from Update 34 (in which they were first added) through to Update 36.12, renegades were unable to spawn naturally at all, as they were mistakenly not included in the spawn lists due to an oversight. During this time, a period of over three years, the only way to find a renegade in survival mode was by encountering one in an Umbar invasion. This was eventually resolved in Update 36.13.

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