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Goran is a well-known member of the mod development team. He was a moderator on the mod's Facebook page, answering many wall posts and messages. His Minecraft username is TheOneGoran. He is also responsible for creating the speechbanks for many mobs, mini-quests, and stories.

Goran helped create and inspired many features in the mod: improved and growable giant mellyrn trees, lairelosse, redwood, willow, aspen, green oak, plum, pomegranate, and numerous other trees, as well as several flowers including marigold, the Fangorn flowers, and a couple of others. Colored mallorn torches, chalk, the elven brick types, Galadhrim Wardens, elven rope, mallorn nuts, ent draughts and jars, leek and corn were some of his other ideas. He constructed structures such as broken down houses and underwater elven ruins, high-elven towers, elven smithies, and others. He helped create and form factions such as the Taurethrim, Rhudel, Dorwinion, Gulfings, and others, suggested biomes such as Lothlorien Edge, Mountain Foothills, the Tower Hills, Druwaith Iaur, Eryn Caran and Tol Rhuanear, Emyn Winion, Field of Celebrant, Fangorn Wasteland, East Bight, Meneltarma, many biome variants, and some others.

His ideas helped shape and create many of the mod map's biome features, roads, and waypoints, such as most of inner Gondor's waypoints and the road going north through the Anduin, and many, many other features that he helped create, inspire, formulate and implement that he can't remember. His favorite biome is Lothlorien.

Goran has retired from moderating the mod Facebook pages, as well as the Official Server and active mod development, but still helps out Mevans, the mod, and server team whenever they need it.

He does have a wiki account, and he goes by the name TheOneGoran.

As an easter-egg, there exists a block called "Goran Block".

Tidbits about Goran:

  • Goran loves Elves and used to butt heads with Seb, who loves Dwarves most, and they constantly fought about the evils of each race, although it would usually end up with Seb leaving the conversation.
  • He helped admin the Official Server for a few years.
  • Goran is perhaps one of the most pronounced Moderators, having won the Shire and Gondor building contests, with the aid of former team members Yorick and Bobby, respectively. Also, he sometimes wields the clover-shield of the Shire contest as well as the star shield of the Gondor contest, but mostly spends his time on the Official Server wandering the wild lands of the world, firmly remaining neutral in most conflicts.
  • It is possible to find a Galadhrim Elf (and also some other elves as well as an Utumno orc) named Goran which was implemented as a reward for winning the Shire building contest.
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