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Grapes are a fruit that comes in two variants: Red and green. They can be eaten raw or made into juice and, more importantly, into wine. To find natural growing grapes, the player has to travel rather far east to Dorwinion.


Grapes can be obtained by right-clicking on a fully grown grapevine. It will yield 1-3 grapes and 1-3 grape seeds, which can later be planted to grow your own grapevine. Upon picking grapes from a vine, the player earns the achievement "Viticulture".

A vineyard in Dorwinion, with grapevines and grapes.

Be aware that if a guard or a crossbower catch you picking grapes from a vineyard, you will lose one alignment with the Dorwininon faction. Furthermore, picking more grapes will result in the nearby guards attacking you. It also triggers the event 'Vineyard Defence', which will lead to spawning of more vintner guards units. Upon killing one of the guards in this event, the player earns the achievement "Tragedy of the Commons".


Although grapes only heal 2 ( 2 ) they can be produced in very large quantities. There are two types of grapes, green and red. They can be made into juice, or brewed into wine. Red wine has a slightly higher alcoholicity than white wine. Note that you cannot mix red and green grapes together when making juice or when brewing.

Both red and green grapes can be dried in vanilla furnaces and Hobbit Ovens to produce raisins.



LOTR mod tutorial- How to grow grapes!

Grapes are planted somewhat differently than most crops: Instead of simply right-clicking on farmland, you must first place grapevine posts on top of the land. You can hoe it in advance or afterwards. The posts can be stacked as high, as you want, but vines can only be placed on the 3 lower most levels. To do so, right-click the posts with seeds in your hand. White and green seeds might be mixed. To speed up growth, right-click the posts with bonemeal. As you might harvest more than one seed from each plant, you are able to slowly increase the size of your vineyard over time.

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