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Grapevine Posts are used by the people of Dorwinion in their Vineyards to grow red and white grapes.


To grow their own grapes, the player will need a hoe to sow the ground, where the Grapevine Post will be stuck. Then the farmer must right click on the post, with grape seeds in hand to plant them. It'll take some time but the grapes will eventually grow. The grapes can be harvested by right clicking on the post to break them off.

It also doesn't matter if the farming block is wet or dry, the grape will grow regardless, but it may take more time.


The player can obtain these posts in various ways. They can be taken from the vineyards of Dorwinion, but beware the guards! They aren't fond of looters and they may attack if the player steals in front of them. Grapevine Posts can also be purchased from Dorwinion Vinekeepers with three coins - depending on the vendor, it can cost more or less - or they can be crafted.


The Grapevine Post is easy and cheap to craft, as only three wooden sticks and a vanilla crafting table are needed, as shown in the recipe.

vanilla crafting recipe
Grapevine Post
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