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Note: Gruk's house's coordinates will not be posted on this page. Please do not ask for them.

Gruk's house is an Easter Egg in the Lord of the Rings mod. The coordinates seem to be somehow random, but it spawns in the Northlands north of Eriador and west of Angmar.


The entrance of Gruk's house.

Gruk's house is a large cottage, mainly made of spruce wood and a reed roof. The windows are secured by reed bar shutters, and in front of it burn two big pyres, made of cobblestone and hearth blocks. A small path leads towards the entrance.


Inside of Gruk's house.

This house has two inhabitants: A cat named "Bazyl", and a dog named "Wiktor". They just sit around on a carpet and guard loads of barrels and drinking vessels, filled with vodka and plum kvass. Besides of the side tables with the drinks, the room is empty, so it's mainly a big drinking hall.

In two picture frames high above the floor on the wall, you can find a rolling pin and an empty book.


  • Gruk's house was first found by Dragonovith on December 9, 2016.
  • Gruk is a Polish noble and developed a lot of textures for the Mod. So Mevans honoured him, by including his own shield and house in the Mod.