Gulduril is a material used by several evil factions to create armour, torches, and Morgul portals. It can be obtained by mining Gulduril Ore, which is found in Mordor, Dol Guldur, and Angmar. It is about as rare as Silver Ore. Gulduril can also be sold to Angmar Orc traders.

Uses Edit


It can be used to craft a Gulduril Block on a vanilla crafting table, which is mainly a storage block, but can also be used as a decoration/light source for an evil-themed build.

vanilla crafting recipe
Block of Gulduril

A block of Gulduril

Morgul PortalEdit

Right-clicking on a Mordor brick block with Gulduril will turn it into Gulduril Brick, which is used in the creation of a Morgul Portal.


Gulduril can also be alloyed with Orc steel in an Orc forge to make Morgul steel, which can in turn be used to craft Morgul Armour and the deadly Morgul Blade.


It can also be used to create Morgul torches, the main source of light in Angmar.

Summoning the Mallorn entEdit

A player with negative Fangorn alignment may right click a mallorn sapling with one of these, turning it into a corrupt mallorn sapling, which may be used in Fangorn Forest to summon the Mallorn Ent.

Trivia Edit

Origin of the name Edit

The name Gulduril is a sindarin word, invented by the mod team. The root of the word is Guldur, which means "dark sorcery" (from Gul, "black arts, sorcery", and Dûr, "dark, sombre"). Associated with the suffix -ril, which means "brilliance" (mithril means, in fact, "grey brilliance"), it forms a new word, Gulduril, standing for "dark sorcery brilliance".

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