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The Gulfen Khopesh is a melee weapon made of bronze, and it is used by the Gulfings. It is the only weapon used by them alone, though they also use regular Haradric equipment.


Damage Speed Reach Knockback Possible modifiers
7.5 ( 7.5 ) 100% 100% Normal enduring, hardy, lasting, blessed, blunt, chilling, crooked, dull, dwarfbane, elfbane, fortunate, headhunting, hefty, hulking, infernal, keen, legendary, long, lucky, mighty, orcbane, sharp, slow, spiderbane, stunted, swift, trollbane, wargbane, wightbane, and wraithbane


The Gulfen Khopesh can be obtained by either crafting it, looting it from a Gulfing Settlement, or by buying it from a merchant of Harad, a Gulfing blacksmith or a Nomad merchant.


The Khopesh is crafted on a Gulfen crafting table, using 2 bronze ingots and 1 of any type of stick in this pattern:

Gulfen crafting recipe
Gulfen Crafting
Bronze Ingot
Bronze Ingot
any stick
Gulfen Khopesh


  • The Khopesh was first invented by the Ancient Egyptians at least as early as 2500 B.C. Early weapons of this type were made of bronze, but changed to be made of iron in the New Kingdom period.
  • The Khopesh is a so-called sickle-sword, and evolved from battleaxes.
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