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The Gulfings are the inhabitants of the Gulf of Harad. They are somewhat distinct from the other peoples of Near Harad, with many unique traditions that the other Southrons long ago abandoned. They are fiercely devoted to Mulkhêr, the Lord of Darkness, who they worship and sacrifice their old and sick to. The Gulfings believe themselves to be Mulkhêr's chosen people, as they reside in the blessed lands of Khopazûl. Like the Coastlings, the Gulfings have many great cities across the Gulf of Harad, the greatest of them being Khôpakadar and Yaphurushi. Though they have been distant from the other Southrons in the past, they shall march as one with the other Haradrim to join the war that brews in the North, bringing their great Mûmakil to the battlefield in support of Sauron the Great.


These NPC's can be found in the Gulf of Harad, and will only spawn aboveground. However, they may be found at any time of day or night. They will also spawn in Gulfing towns and villages in great numbers.


Gulfings will spend their time wandering around, chatting with neutral or friendly players. They are usually passive, and will not attack enemy players unless attacked themselves If they are attacked, they will defend themselves using Haradric daggers. Because of their lack of armour and weak attack, they rely on their armoured kin to protect them.



  • Let me be the one to welcome you to the Gulf, Person.
  • May Mulkhêr bless your path.
  • I would like to talk to you. Perhaps later today?
  • Have you come from Topaz Bay, or from further lands?
  • Whatever business brought you to our green lands, I do hope you stay a while.
  • Mûmakil? I'm afraid you just missed them. They are travelling North as we speak.
  • Our warriors will win the war in the name of Mulkhêr.
  • Our fighters are blessed by Mulkhêr himself. Nothing will stop us.
  • If you go south, pay a visit to the Town of Bones and pass my regards.
  • Be watchful, Person. Corsairs sometimes sail these waters.
  • Mulkhêr seems to favour me, so you are lucky to be a friend of mine, Person.
  • Some towns of of Khopazûl think they are better than Yaphurushi, but they are delusional.
  • You should come and see my slaves at work, Person. Everyone envies them eventually.
  • Khôpakadar always has been and always will be the greatest city on earth, Person. Don't believe anything else.
  • The reason Khôpakadar is so magnificent is because Mulkhêr himself has blessed it.
  • The Gulfing blood is thickest and strongest of them all, Person.
  • Bakrîzad is a nice place to talk with people who have yet to devote themselves to Lord Mulkhêr.
  • I take new friends to the temple with me. You should come, some day!
  • I originally hail from Ephalôn, but heard the temple of Khôpakadar calling to me.
  • I am amazed that the Bridge of Arênin still stands, with the weight of all the Mûmakil who cross over it.
  • If you wish to see the Mûmakil, perhaps you should stay with us for a while, Person.
  • Those who sail from Azûl talk about lands far beyond our reach.
  • I'm sure our rich waters are blessed with endless fish, Person.
  • Our slaves? We get them from the Corsairs of Umbar.
  • I like to make an example of those who oppose me.
  • Slaves work our blessed soils for us.
  • The slaves should be thankful that they get to work on Mulkhêr's own sacred soil.
  • You look like you could do with a blessing or two.
  • Meet me at the temple tonight, Person. I want to show you how great Mulkhêr the Mighty truly is.
  • Yaphurushi thinks it is greater than Khôpakadar, but their offerings to Mulkhêr are few and all too weak!
  • I like to spend my days fishing in the blue waters of the Gulf. How about you?
  • Topaz Bay has become safer of late! You should come and trade there one day.
  • You're not from here, are you? I know how that feels, but don't be afraid!
  • Be sure to thank Lord Mulkhêr for letting you live another day, Person.
  • Nomads trade with us most often, yet they never seem interested to stay around.
  • I like the folk who come from the seas, but they never want to talk, besides about trade.
  • Have you seen an Easterling around, Person? I spoke to him yesterday, but I can't seem to find him anymore.
  • Men say the island near Topaz Bay is the remains of an ancient and enormous beach.
  • Another blessed day of warm sunlight and fresh winds for us, Person.
  • Long ago, we built temples among the burning sands. But now they are all forgotten.
  • The Town of Bones is a sight to behold, Person.


  • I will break you!
  • When I'm done with you, you'll never feel your skin again!
  • No sacrifice is too great!
  • I shall crush your bones, one at a time!
  • Aha, a new slave for my collection!
  • And here I thought we could be friends!
  • To the altar with you!
  • One who can't obey should be treated like a dog!
  • You think you can challenge the blessed people of Mulkhêr? Har!
  • Into the Gulf with you! Let your sins drag you down to the bottom!
  • You may have tricked the nomads into aiding you, but I can see through your disguise!
  • You can't honestly think you stand a chance against Mulkhêr's sacred people?
  • Where are my mercenaries when I need them?
  • I will toss you over the Bridge of Arênin myself!
  • Ah, Person. This was a poor decision indeed!
  • Your lack of faith has driven you mad!
  • Mulkhêr does not accept weak offerings. I shall just kill you!
  • I see fire in your future, Person. Fire and sacrifice!
  • And to think I almost invited you over for a talk!
  • You will regret not praising Mulkhêr while you still could!
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