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It was, as I remember, just such a dart as the Southrons use.

–The Houses of Healing, The Return of the King

Gulfing Archers are the ranged equivalent of Gulfing warriors, spawning in the Gulf of Harad. They are armed with bows of Harad and wear Gulfen armour.


These archers spawn exclusively in the Gulf of Harad (above ground) in groups of 3-6, about half as often as their warrior counterparts. They can sometimes spawn atop a horse.


They will attack enemies of Near Harad on sight with their bows.


Gulfing Archers commonly drop arrows and bones, and on rare occasion will drop their bow or some of the armour they're wearing.


These archers can be hired from warlords, found in Gulfing war camps, for 50-100 coins as long as the player has at least +200 alignment with Near Harad (or 25-50 if they are pledged).



  • Have you come from Topaz Bay, or from further lands?
  • Mûmakil? I'm afraid you just missed them. They are travelling North as we speak.
  • Our warriors will win the war in the name of Mulkhêr.
  • Our fighters are blessed by Mulkhêr himself. Nothing will stop us!
  • Be watchful, Person. Corsairs sometimes sail these waters.
  • The tower of Arminazûl keeps most outlaws at bay, but we can take care of those few who slip past.
  • The Gulfing blood is the thickest and strongest of them all, Person.
  • I am amazed that the Bridge of Arênin still stands, with the weight of all the Mûmakil who cross over it.
  • The call of Lord Mulkhêr shall one day summon us all.
  • A quick blow to our enemies' heads? Seems rather dull to me.
  • When we are done, Gondor will be stricken from history.
  • We only do as Lord Mulkhêr desires, Person.
  • I like to make an example of those who oppose me.
  • If Mulkhêr the Mighty demands blood, I shall deliver it to him.
  • I will be off marching North tomorrow.
  • Sorry, Person. I'm too busy loading up my Mûmak to talk to you.
  • I hear another ship was raided near Topaz Bay. A shame.
  • Long ago, we built temples among the burning sands. But now they are all forgotten.
  • You probably are familiar with the heat of the desert, but have you ever heard of the fire-pits in the South?
  • I presume you are here to request that I bring you back a Gondorian slave from the North?
  • Do you march north with us, Person? You seem capable enough to stand your own.
  • You aren't one of those sand-usurer scum, are you? I don't trust them at all.
  • I was deployed at Arminazûl, but now I am being called North.
  • I shall cut down the northerners with my lucky dagger, in the name of Mulkhêr the Mighty!
  • If you are scared, you can spend some time at our altars, Person. They never fail to fill my spirit with courage.
  • I was once among the Corsairs of Topaz Bay, but I saw the errors of my ways.
  • Mulkhêr the Mighty has even tamed the great beasts of the South for us. No Men can stop us now!


  • I will break you!
  • When I'm done with you, you'll never feel your skin again!
  • I shall crush your bones, one at a time!
  • Come on, then! I want to hear you scream.
  • I knew you were a filthy Corsair from Topaz Bay!
  • How were you able to slip past Arminazûl, then?
  • Mulkhêr, guide my strike! The battle begins!
  • The streams of Yaphurushi shall flow red with your blood!
  • You may have tricked the nomads into aiding you, but I can see through your disguise!
  • I will toss you over the Bridge of Arênin myself!
  • Away with you, desecrator!
  • May Mulkhêr strike you down, you savage!
  • Mulkhêr does not accept weak offerings. I shall just kill you!
  • To burn, to drown, to enslave? Ah, I shall just butcher you!
  • Run to the hills, pale-skin!
  • You won't be so tough when I am done with you, Person!
  • I see fire in your future, Person. Fire and sacrifice!


  • Together, we will fulfil the will of Mûlkher, Person.
  • Our enemies shall face the wrath of Mûlkher.
  • I'll be sure to guard your life from any harm.
  • I will follow Mûlkher under your command, Person.
  • What is it that you command, Person?
  • I am at your service, commander.
  • Tell me what to do, and I will see it done.
  • I am skilled in all forms of combat, Person.
  • No matter the weapon I wield, I will see to it that the blood of your enemies flows.
  • Where are we off to next?
  • We Haradrim are excellent fighters.
  • Give me the word, and I shall burn your enemies' lands.
  • I'm not familiar with that formation.
  • Form a line? What good will that do?
  • I am bestowed with the strength of a thousand men, so no army can outnumber us.
  • We will see this war to an end, Person.
  • Ah, commander. Good to see that wound healing up.
  • It's an honour to fight for you, Person.
  • I could march for days if you wanted me to.
  • I'll keep my guard up, don't you worry.
  • Perhaps you could leave one of them to me? I have a few things I want to try out.
  • Could we use their children as shields, Person?
  • If only we had a Mûmak, we could just squash them.
  • You should see if you can get your hands on a Mûmak from the beast-chainers, Person.
  • For the glory of Mûlkher!
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