The Gulfing Warriors are the fighting force that guard the Gulf of Harad.


These men are olive-skinned, like most Haradrim, and are clad in Gulfen Armour.


They spawn exclusively in the Gulf of Harad and the Gulf Forest. Upon seeing a player with negative Near Harad alignment, they will attack said player using various weapons.



  • Have you come from Topaz Bay, or from further lands?
  • Mûmakil? I'm afraid you just missed them. They are travelling North as we speak.
  • Our warriors will win the war in the name of Mulkhêr.
  • Our fighters are blessed by Mulkhêr himself. Nothing will stop us!
  • Be watchful, Person. Corsairs sometimes sail these waters.
  • The tower of Arminazûl keeps most outlaws at bay, but we can take care of those few who slip past.
  • The Gulfing blood is the thickest and strongest of them all, Person.
  • I am amazed that the Bridge of Arênin still stands, with the weight of all the Mûmakil who cross over it.
  • The call of Lord Mulkhêr shall one day summon us all.
  • A quick blow to our enemies' heads? Seems rather dull to me.
  • When we are done, Gondor will be stricken from history.
  • We only do as Lord Mulkhêr desires, Person.
  • I like to make an example of those who oppose me.
  • If Mulkhêr the Mighty demands blood, I shall deliver it to him.
  • I will be off marching North tomorrow.
  • Sorry, Person. I'm too busy loading up my Mûmak to talk to you.
  • I hear another ship was raided near Topaz Bay. A shame.
  • Long ago, we built temples among the burning sands. But now they are all forgotten.
  • You probably are familiar with the heat of the desert, but have you ever heard of the fire-pits in the South?
  • I presume you are here to request that I bring you back a Gondorian slave from the North?
  • Do you march north with us, Person? You seem capable enough to stand your own.
  • You aren't one of those sand-usurer scum, are you? I don't trust them at all.
  • I was deployed at Arminazûl, but now I am being called North.
  • I shall cut down the northerners with my lucky dagger, in the name of Mulkhêr the Mighty!
  • If you are scared, you can spend some time at our altars, Person. They never fail to fill my spirit with courage.
  • I was once among the Corsairs of Topaz Bay, but I saw the errors of my ways.
  • Mulkhêr the Mighty has even tamed the great beasts of the South for us. No Men can stop us now!


  • I will break you!
  • When I'm done with you, you'll never feel your skin again!
  • I shall crush your bones, one at a time!
  • Come on, then! I want to hear you scream.
  • I knew you were a filthy Corsair from Topaz Bay!
  • How were you able to slip past Arminazûl, then?
  • Mulkhêr, guide my strike! The battle begins!
  • The streams of Yaphurushi shall flow red with your blood!
  • You may have tricked the nomads into aiding you, but I can see through your disguise!
  • I will toss you over the Bridge of Arênin myself!
  • Away with you, desecrator!
  • May Mulkhêr strike you down, you savage!
  • Mulkhêr does not accept weak offerings. I shall just kill you!
  • To burn, to drown, to enslave? Ah, I shall just butcher you!
  • Run to the hills, pale-skin!
  • You won't be so tough when I am done with you, Person!
  • I see fire in your future, Person. Fire and sacrifice!


  • Together, we will fulfil the will of Mûlkher, Person.
  • Our enemies shall face the wrath of Mûlkher.
  • I'll be sure to guard your life from any harm.
  • I will follow Mûlkher under your command, Person.
  • What is it that you command, Person?
  • I am at your service, commander.
  • Tell me what to do, and I will see it done.
  • I am skilled in all forms of combat, Person.
  • No matter the weapon I wield, I will see to it that the blood of your enemies flows.
  • Where are we off to next?
  • We Haradrim are excellent fighters.
  • Give me the word, and I shall burn your enemies' lands.
  • I'm not familiar with that formation.
  • Form a line? What good will that do?
  • I am bestowed with the strength of a thousand men, so no army can outnumber us.
  • We will see this war to an end, Person.
  • Ah, commander. Good to see that wound healing up.
  • It's an honour to fight for you, Person.
  • I could march for days if you wanted me to.
  • I'll keep my guard up, don't you worry.
  • Perhaps you could leave one of them to me? I have a few things I want to try out.
  • Could we use their children as shields, Person?
  • If only we had a Mûmak, we could just squash them.
  • You should see if you can get your hands on a Mûmak from the beast-chainers, Person.
  • For the glory of Mûlkher!
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